Doctor of Nursing Practice - Application Process


Steps for Applying to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program

The University of Central Arkansas' (UCA) Department of Nursing receives applications for admissions and most applicant credentials exclusively through the Nursing Central Application Service (NursingCAS), provided by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Applicants must submit a separate supplemental application and application fee directly to the UCA Graduate School after notification of admission to DNP program.

The steps for applying are as follows:

  1. Start the application process at
  2. Create an account and login to your secure NursingCAS online application. When creating an account, be sure to click 'yes' to the question: "Are you applying to a graduate level program in nursing?".
  3. When logged in, complete all the required items on the 'Application Checklist' as directed by the NursingCAS website. This includes entering all undergraduate and graduate coursework information and arranging for all official  transcripts to be sent to NursingCAS.  High school transcripts are not required.
  4. In addition, the UCA Nursing department also requires the following items to be submitted through NursingCAS (these items are indicated as 'Optional' on the NursingCAS website):
    1. In the 'Professional Experience' section, submit information regarding your work experience, professional activities, certifications, honors/awards, etc.
    2. In the 'References' section, submit two (2) letters of recommendation.  You will submit your references' contact information in the NursingCAS "Reference Section" and your references will receive an email from NursingCAS which contains directions on how to complete the online reference.
      • One reference should be from your recent immediate supervisor
      • The second reference should be from someone in the clinical agency in which you anticipate completing your DNP Capstone Project. The reference should address your ability to access necessary resources and key personnel to facilitate the completion of the Capstone Project.  In the 'Personal Statement' section, complete an essay that addresses your reasons: personal and professional, for pursuing the DNP degree; your career plans as a DNP; your specific ideas for a clinical Capstone Project (include the clinical agency where you will complete the project and identify key personnel that may serve as facilitators/mentors). Finally, address how you will manage your course load along with other responsibilities.
    3. Complete and upload to NursingCAS the "Validation of MSN Clinical Hours" form.  Form can be found on the "Admission Requirements" page, item #4.
  5. Be sure to designate University of Central Arkansas in the 'Designation' section of the application and link your essay. NursingCAS charges $65 for your application to be sent to the first program destination and $35 for each additional designation.
  6. In addition to the NursingCAS application, UCA requires an online supplemental application and fee ($25).  This will be completed after appplicant is notifed of acceptance to the program.
  7. Following a preliminary review of the completed application file, the Department of Nursing Graduate Admissions Committee will invite selected applicants to interview prior to the final admission decision.
  8. Check your NursingCAS account to ensure all the submitted documents have been received by NursingCAS.


Enrollment Requirements: Once accepted, candidates must complete the following before enrolling:

  1. Admission to the UCA Graduate School.  If accepted to the DNP Porgram, applicants must submit a separate online supplemental application and application fee ($25) directly to the UCA Graduate School.  Send all graduate transcripts to the Graduate School.  You do not need to send GRE or other graduate testing scores.
  2. Submit to the Department of Nursing verification of RN license.
  3. A background check, as directed by the Department of Nursing, with favorable results.
  4. Required immunizations.
  5. Proof of health insurance coverage.
  6. Attend the program orientation.

If any of the above requirements are not satisfied, admission to the program may be rescinded.


Questions about your application and/or requirements should be directed to:

Rose Schlosser, Department of Nursing, University of Central Arkansas

201 Donaghey Avenue, Conway, AR 72035


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