CastleBranch Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQ on CastleBranch’s Website

Q: If I am not in Conway at this time, what other locations am I able to get my TB/Drug Test completed at?
A: You can visit, and, under the ‘Patients’ tab, at the bottom of the page, you will select ‘Find a location.’ This will allow you to search for a Quest Diagnostics location anywhere in the United States.

Q: As an incoming student registering for CastleBranch, do I have to purchase the Drug Test and Background packages separate from my main package?
A: No. Incoming students only need to select the correct package (University of Central Arkansas-Nursing for undergraduate BSN and RNtoBSN, and University of Central Arkansas-Graduate Nursing for BSNtoDNP, MSNtoDNP, MSN-NECS, MSN-CNL, and Post-Masters tracks).

Q: I am having trouble with CastleBranch loading. What should I do?
A: Try clicking the refresh button, and if that does not work, wait a few minutes before trying again. When using CastleBranch, it is best to not use the back arrow button, and to only use the refresh button.

At any point in time, students can refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook, section labeled ‘New Student Requirements’ in Chapter 3. This section begins on page 14 (PDF page 19), and continues through to page 18 (PDF page 23). Here, students can find a detailed description of what they will need to be in compliance with state requirements; also listed are the deadlines for CastleBranch submissions, and detailed specifics for clinical requirements.

Students can also visit to access the Video FAQ Library; here students can find help for operating CastleBranch, background checks, documentation, drug testing, order placement, and more.


If you still need assistance, contact UCA School of Nursing Administrative Specialist III, Emma Johnson, at or (501) 450-3230.