Doctor of Nursing Practice – Curriculum and Course Description



The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) requires 1000 clinical internship hours post-BSN for the DNP degree. Students are required to provide documentation of clinical hours from their MSN program as part of the application process.

UCA Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum


Summer AY 1 Fall AY 1 Spring AY 1
NURS 7310 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice


PSYC 6330 Advanced Psychological Statistics

NURS 7350 Translational Research Methods


NURS 7330 Advanced Healthcare Informatics


*Clinical internship

NURS 7360 Population Health and Public Policy


NURS 7320 Health Economics and Finance


*Clinical Internship

Summer AY 2 Fall AY 2 Spring AY 2
NURS 7340 Leadership and Organizational Systems


NURS 7370 Applied Clinical Genetics and Genomics


*Clinical Internship

NURS 7220 DNP Project Capstone I


*Clinical Internship

NURS 7225 DNP Capstone Project II


*Clinical Internship

Minimum of 34 credit hours.


* The clinical internship courses are variable credit courses that students can begin taking as early as their second semester of study (with permission from their project advisor). All students are required to take a minimum of 6 clinical internship credit hours but may require more depending on how many clinical hours they had in their MSN program. All students must have 1000 precepted clinical hours post-BSN.


*For each credit of Clinical Internship, students spend 90 clock hours engaging in Mentored clinical activities that are aimed at meeting DNP Essential Competencies.


There is a complete list of course descriptions here.


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