Master of Science in Nursing – Program Outcomes

Graduates of the University of Central Arkansas’ MSN program will be able to:

  1. Engage in advanced nursing practice based on the integration of nursing science, related sciences and humanities, current evidence, clinical experience, and ethical principles.
  2. Provide leadership in practice and education to improve healthcare quality, safety, and patient outcomes.
  3. Use health information systems and technology to support lifelong learning, ensure safe practice environments, optimize healthcare outcomes and promote patient self-management.
  4. Participate in policy and regulatory processes to improve the healthcare delivery system, the health of the public, and the profession of nursing.
  5. Collaborate to improve systems of care, and to optimize patient and population health outcomes.
  6. Design and apply culturally responsive, patient-centered, evidence-based activities for population health improvement.
  7. Use translational science to generate meaningful evidence for nursing practice. Incorporate an evolving personal nursing philosophy based on professional nursing standards, practice accountability, and life-long learning.


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