RN to BSN – Curriculum and Course Descriptions

The RN to BSN curriculum complies with accreditation standards set by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) which ensures the quality of baccalaureate and graduate programs in Nursing. The articulated RN to BSN students complete a total of 30 select credit hours from the University of Central Arkansas for the BSN.

2023-2024 UCA RN to BSN Courses (30 hours)
NURS 4245 RN to BSN Transitions
NURS 4V14 Special Topics in Nursing (or other approved elective)
NURS 4320 Health Policy and Professional Issues in Nursing
NURS 4345 Pathophysiology Clinical Applications for RNs
NURS 4315 Research and Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 4335 Nursing Informatics
NURS 4340 Health and Physical Assessment for RNs
NURS 4511 Community and Population Health Nursing for RNs
NURS 4516 Nursing Leadership and Management for RNs

Nursing Content Met Through Articulation (41 hours)
Credit through articulation will be placed on the student’s transcript for the following courses after completion of the above BSN requirements. Students do not enroll in or pay tuition for these courses.

NURS 2310 Pharmacology
NURS 2305 Health Assessment
NURS 3501 Caring for Child Bearing Family
NURS 2505 Concepts of Professional Nursing
NURS 3505 Caring for Children and Their Families
NURS 2510 Caring for Medical-Surgical Patient
NURS 3510 Caring for Individuals with Psychiatric Disorders
NURS 3515 Caring for Adults with Chronic Health Problems
NURS 4505 Caring for Adults with Complex Health Problems

Course descriptions may be found in the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin.


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