2017 COB Student Honors Banquet

The 2017 College of Business Student Honors Banquet was held on Thursday, April 6 in the McCastlain Ballroom.

This was a night to celebrate the achievements of College of Business majors in the areas of awarded scholarships, service, and academic performance.

Scholarships: Tonight we celebrate awarding over $70,000 in
scholarship dollars to undergraduate and graduate students in the
College of Business. The faculty, students, and staff are grateful for the generous donations and support from individuals, businesses, and
professional organizations.

Service: The College of Business has 9 student led organizations that provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, network with business and community leaders, and participate in regional and national competitions. The service awards are designed to recognize our student’s time, effort, and leadership.

Academics: The UCA College of Business has outstanding students in every academic area. The academic awards celebrate the one student (per major) who stood out this year. The students recognized this
evening took advantage of their education and combined exemplary
academic performance with internships, professional development and experiential education, volunteerism, participation in clubs and
activities, and other important experiences.

Click the link to see the recipients with their awards, 2017 COB Student Honors Banquet.