Conway MuralStudents in painting courses acquire experiences with a variety of materials and techniques. The program allows students the freedom to explore and develop their personal style. Students are encouraged to work in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and enamels, as well as combinations of experimental mediums. Students learn fundamentals such as mixing, glazing, and building their own supports by hand. While a variety of projects focuses attention on basic painting techniques, experienced students are given the freedom to experiment and develop their individual style. The focus for all painting students is to create cohesive work that speaks of the students’ interest and to ultimately find their place in contemporary art.

The Art Department has hosted several visiting artists in the area of painting, most recently, Roger Shimomura.

In 2007, students were able to assist in the creation of a mural in downtown Conway, led by Pittsburgh artists and UCA alumnus, Morton Brown. Students were able to see the development of a mural firsthand, from conception to creation. They worked with the community to help develop ideas for the content of the mural, and worked directly with Mr. Brown to execute the painting on the side of the City Municipal Building.


Degree Requirements

BFA Major in Studio Art (80 hours of Art)

The program is 120 semester credit hours, including at least 40 upper-division credit hours. The program requires 80 hours of art and art history, 35 hours of UCA Core courses (fine arts requirement not required for art majors – completion of the major fulfills the requirement), and 3 hours of foreign language at the 2000 level. Art courses must follow a prerequisite structure. Students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA and 3.25 major GPA on a minimum of 24 hours of art may apply for entrance into the BFA program after successfully completing SMAI (Sophomore Major Advancement Interview). Students should submit application for acceptance into the BFA program in the spring of the sophomore year.

In order to complete the state-mandated minimum number of hours for core requirements in general education, art majors are required to complete a Humanities course in the Diversity in Creative Works category and a Humanities course in either the Responsible Living category or the Diversity in World Cultures category.


Downloads and Links

To download BFA/Painting Emphasis Checklist, click here: Painting Checklist

To download pdf of the General Education Checklist, click here: UCA Core (General Education) Classes Checklist.

To download BFA Studio Program Completion Plan, click here: BFA Studio

To download BFA application, click here: BFA Application

To download BFA Studo Practicum Guidlines, click here:BFA Studio Practicum

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To download Art Internship Guidelines (ART 4375, 4675), click here: Art Internships


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