Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program emphasizes the integration of student’s fine art skills with digital technical skills and design thinking. Students will explore a range of design processes and methodologies as well as complete projects requiring design for various mediums such as print, web, video, app design and more. Because we believe Graphic Design to be a part of the fine arts, projects will include an exploration and synthesis of corporate, expressive and experimental aesthetics. Students receive hands-on instruction, personal and group critique as well as opportunities to work with community and business clients.

Our area is fully equipped with a computer lab of iMac’s loaded with the such current industry standard software as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and more. The facilities also include a spacious critique and work space for students to work side by side and collaborate. There is even access to an oversized Epson color printer which can output digital prints up to 43 inches wide on a range of materials including fabric, canvas and transparency.

Occasionally, as part of our department visiting artists program, we receive visits from national, regional and local designers as well as artists and illustrators working in a crossover of the arts and design. Some of our past visitors have included Arlton Lowry from Made by Few (Little Rock), Liz Seibert and Grace Robinson from ProjectProjects (New York), Kristian Anderson from Studio Science (Indianapolis), Erik Brandt from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Allison Hale from IBM (Austin), Zhao Liu from China Central Academy of Fine Art (Beijing, China).

Likewise, in graphic design oriented exhibits at the on campus Baum Gallery we have featured works by such well known designers as Stephen Farrell, April Greiman, Denise Gonzales Crisp and Seldon Hunt.

Students are also encouraged to submit work to a variety of competitions each year, including Print Magazine’s Design Competitive, Communication Arts Design Competitive, the regional AAF competition and more.

Degree Requirements

BFA Major in Studio Art (80 hours of Art)

The program is 120 semester credit hours, including at least 40 upper-division credit hours. The program requires 80 hours of art and art history, 35 hours of UCA Core courses (fine arts requirement not required for art majors – completion of the major fulfills the requirement), and 3 hours of foreign language at the 2000 level. Art courses must follow a prerequisite structure. Students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA and 3.25 major GPA on a minimum of 24 hours of art may apply for entrance into the BFA program after successfully completing SMAI (Sophomore Major Advancement Interview). Students should submit application for acceptance into the BFA program in the spring of the sophomore year.

In order to complete the state-mandated minimum number of hours for core requirements in general education, art majors are required to complete a Humanities course in the Diversity in Creative Works category and a Humanities course in either the Responsible Living category or the Diversity in World Cultures category.


Downloads and Links

To download BFA/Graphic Design Emphasis Checklist, click here: Graphic Design Checklist

To download pdf of the General Education Checklist, click here: UCA Core (General Education) Classes Checklist.

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To download BFA application, click here:BFA Application

To download BFA Studo Practicum Guidlines, click here: BFA Studio Practicum

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To download Art Internship Guidelines (ART 4375, 4675), click here: Art Internships


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