Art Education

Art EducationArt education students work towards K-12 certification with professors who have had many years of successful experience teaching art in elementary and secondary public schools. Art education courses give students extensive field-base experience through directed observations and practice teaching which provide substantive real-world contexts.  Art education students are prepared to synthesize knowledge and skills learned in studio art and art history, as well as the sciences and humanities into their development of meaningful curriculum and teaching strategies. Art education faculty members are in close contact with students through all stages of the degree program and certification process.

The art education program also offers students unique opportunities to experience art education conferences at the state and national level and to participate in community events such as the Conway Artsfest, Enrichment Day at local elementary schools, and UCA’s Family Day. Another important opportunity for Art Education students is the Art Education Club, which is the Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and Arkansas Art Educators (AAE).  See Student Organizations for more information.


Degree Requirements

Art Education Emphasis (45 hours of Art, 35-37 hours of Art Education and Education)

The program is 120 semester credit hours, including at least 40 upper-division credit hours. The degree requires 45 hours of art (including 12 hours of art history), 21 hours of art education, 14-16 hours of professional education, 35 hours of UCA Core courses (fine arts requirement is not required for art majors – completion of the major fulfills the requirement), and 3 hours of foreign language at the 2000 level. Art courses must follow a prerequisite structure.

In order to complete the state-mandated minimum number of hours for core requirements in general education, art majors are required to complete a Humanities course in the Diversity in Creative Works category and a Humanities course in either the Responsible Living category or the Diversity in World Cultures category.

Students seeking teacher licensure must complete current UCA College of Education and state requirements. This emphasis and licensure requirements may require more than the normal eight semesters to complete. A minor is not required.

Note: For more details regarding requirements for a BA in Art with emphasis in Art Education, see the “notes” section on the second page of the Program Completion Form: BA/Art Education.


Downloads and Links

To download the Art Education Program Completion form, click here:
Art Education Program Completion Form

To download pdf of the General Education Checklist, click here:
UCA Core (General Education) Classes Checklist. 

For more information see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

For detailed course information and descriptions, see Courses in Art

For more information on education requirements, see College of Education.