Ray Ogar

Ray Ogar

Associate Professor


McAlister 404B

(501) 852-2946

Office Hours: M-W-F 11:10-12:00, 1:35-2:00, and 3:35-4:00

MFA - University of Houston
BFA  -  University of Houston
BS  -   University of Houston

Specialty: Print, Bookmaking, Writing, Sound Design, Collage, Culture Critique, Mobile Technology, Media Theory

Class Schedule for Fall 2014:

M-W-F            12:00-1:50            Graphic Design II            MAC 403

M-W-F            2:00-3:50              Graphic Design I             MAC 403

M-W                4:00-6:40              Illustration I                      MAC 404

Link to other websites: http://www.rayogar.com