Past Events

Spring 2018

Special Events

28th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 8-9, 2018 at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Soul of a Nation Symposium Livestream,  February 3, 2018,  McCastlain Ballroom

Artist’s Talks

David C. Williams, Public Demonstration, Ferbruary 14, 2018

David C. Williams, Public Lecture, February 15, 2018

Baum Gallery

01/25-02/16     Pathways: An Exhibition of Large Format & Experimental Printmaking

03/05-03/16      2018 Annual Student Art Competition

04/5-04/26        BA/BFA Juries Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

01/25-02/07     The Unknown

02/08-02/22     #MeToo

03/01-03/15     Obsessions

04/19-04/25     Roots

04/26-05/04     Exquisite Corpse

Fall 2017

Artist’s Talks

Ben Butler, Public Lecture, August 31, 2017

Georgia Erger, curator of Equivocal Exposures: Alternative Photographic Processes, Public Lecture, September 1, 2017

Baum Gallery

09/01-10/19       Ben Butler: Vertebrates

09/01-10/19       Equivocal Exposures: Alternative Photographic Processes

11/02-12/07        BA/BFA Juried Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

09/07-09/21     Four by 4

10/05-10/13      General Admission

10/26-11/15      Fauna

11/30-12/15       It’s Lit

Spring 2017

Special Events

27th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 9, 2016-March 10, 2017 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Japanese American Internment Camp Art, February 20-24, 2017, Fireplace Room, McCastlain Hall

Artist’s Talks

Magdalena Solé, Public Lecture, Ferbruary 7, 2017

Holly Laws, Public Lecture, February 16, 2017

Howard Risatti, Public Lecture, February 23, 2017

Baum Gallery

01/26-02/22    Tripletta: A Show of Miniature Works by 64 Artists

01/26-02/22     Magdalena Solé: Mississippi Delta Series

01/26-02/22      Holly Laws: Bellwether

03/02-03/16      2017 Annual Student Art Competition

04/6-04/27       BA/BFA Juries Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

02/09-02/21     Trump’s America

04/03-4/10       Color of Emotion

04/20-04/27      Noise and Grain: Works from Spring 2017 Photography Classes

Fall 2016

Artist’s Talks

Danielle Riede, Public Lecture, September 8, 2016

Dawn Holder, Public Lecture, September 22, 2016

David Graeve, Public Lecture, October 11, 2016

Langdon Graves, Public Lecture, October 20, 2016

Baum Gallery

09/8-10/20   Curious Devotion: Art Installations by Dawn Holder, Langdon Graves, and Danielle Riede.

09/23-10/7       Pluralism, Social Lens #33, Direct Action: Outdoor Public Art Installation by David Graeve

09/23-09/24     Roots: Video Projection Installation by Adam Hogan

11/3-12/01       BA/BFA Juried Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

09/15-09/23     Suspension

10/06-10/14      Lady Scouts

10/27-11/03      Anticipation

11/10-11/17       Mixing Media

Spring 2016

Special Events

26th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 10, 2016-March 11, 2016 at the University of Central Arkansas

Artist’s Talks

Ann B. Coddington and Jo Stealey, Gallery Talk and Public Lecture, January 28, 2016

Mike Jabbur, Gallery Talk and Public Lecture, February 11, 2016

Maggie Steber, Public Lecture, February 22, 2016

Maggie Steber, Gallery Talk, February, 23, 2016


Ann B. Coddington and Jo Stealey, Workshop for K-12 Educators, January 28, 2016

Maggie Steber, Workshop with Art Photography Students, February 23, 2016 and  February 25, 2016

Baum Gallery

01/21-02/18        Finding Shelter: An Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art, Curated by Deborah Kuster

01/21-02/18        Maggie Steber: Madje Has Dementia and Rite of Passage

01/21-02/18       Mike Jabbur: Point/Counterpoint

03/03-03/17       Annual Student Art Competitive 2016

04/07-04/21       BA/BFA Juried Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

02/04-02/12       Under Pressure: A selection of works from Professor Hornbrook’s Fall 2015 printmaking class.

02/18-02/29        /kəˈläZH/ : A show featuring selected collage works.

03/10-03/16        Abandon AR

04/07                   Tat Works

04/21                    Squirrelly Girl Art Prom

Fall 2015

Special Events

Conway ArtsFest 2015, September 26, 2015-October 3, 2015

Artist’s Talks

Dan Steinhilber, Public Lecture, October 27, 2015

Baum Gallery

09/10-10/23    Dan Steinhilber: Primary Developments: Sculptural Work by artist Dan Steinhilber

09/07-09/12     Dark Matter: Outdoor Public Art Installation by Dan Steinhilber

11/05-12/03      BA/BFA Juried Senior Art Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

08/27-09/18      Installation: A Group Exhibit: Featuring the works of Alison   Swanson, Shelby Horner, Joshua Hall, Holly Dickson and Addie Rule

09/24-10/04      Twine After Twine: A selection of works from Professor Kuster’s spring 2015 Fibers class

10/08-10/16      Sacred Feminine

10/15                Art Jam: A Musical Event

10/29                Rocky Horror Picture Show Party

11/12-11/20      Under Pressure: A selection of works from Professor Hornbrook’s fall 2015 printmaking classes.

12/03                 Tattoo

Spring 2015

Special Events

25th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 5-6, at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Artist’s Talks

In conjunction with the Baum Gallery exhibition Practice What You Preach:

Bryan Massey and John Paul McCaughey, January 29, 2015

Holly Laws and Donna Pinckley, February 5, 2015

Ray Ogar and Liz Smith, February 12, 2015

Jennifer Rospert and Li Zeng, February 19, 2015

Sandra Luckett, February 26, 2015

Polly Chandler, Public Lecture, April 9, 2015

Baum Gallery

01/22-02/22    Practice What You Preach: The Baum 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Art Faculty

03/05-03-19    Annual Student Competitive 2015

04/09-04/24    BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

01/29-02/11    Drawn to You: Selected Works from the Drawing Classes of Professors Rospert, Laws, and Luckett

02/12-02/24    Exquisite Corpse

02/19               Salsa with Holly-Special Event

03/05-03/10    Coloring Book

03/10               Clothes Swap-Special Event

04/02-04/13    Modify: Found Objects Show

04/16-04/23     Ceramics Show

Fall 2014

Special Events

Conway ArtsFest 2014: Art Everywhere, September 26-October 4, 2014

Artist’s Talks

Patrick Dougherty, Public Lecture, Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fay Ku, Public Lecture, Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kathleen Robbins, Public Lecture, Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kathleen Robbins, Gallery Talk, Friday, October 10, 2014

Theresa Pfarr, Public Lecture, Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fay Ku, September 23-26, 2014

Kathleen Robbins, October 8-10, 2014

Theresa Pfarr, October 23-26, 2014

Baum Gallery

09/04-10/24  Fay Ku: Throwing Voices

09/04-10/24  Theresa Pfarr: By Proxy

09/04-10/24  Kathleen Robbins: Into the Flatland

09/02-09/20  The Big Naturals Installation by Patrick Dougherty

11/6-12/04  BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

8/21-9/17   In Praise of Paint: Professor Luckett’s Painting Students Showcase

9/22-10/2    The Art of the Selfie

10/6-10/9    Jewel Case CD Show

10/27-10/30    4388 Show

11/3-11/13    Professor Massey’s Sculpture Student Showcase

11/12    Student Film Screening Event

11/17-11/20    Professor Pinckley’s Photography Students Showcase

Spring 2014

Special Events

24th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 13-14, 2014 at the University of Central Arkansas.

Artist’s Talks

Alexandra Baker, Public Lecture, Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kirsten Kindler, Gallery Talk, Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baum Gallery

01/16-02/20   Deb Schwedhelm: Whispers from the Sea

01/16-02/20   Kirsten Kindler: Paper Construction

01/16-02/20   Drawing Blood & Guts: The Best of Contemporary Medical Illustration, Curated by Alexandra Baker

01/16-02/20   Recollections Transformed:An Interactive Installation Inspired by the Work of Miranda July in Collaboration with Hendrix College

03/03-03/16   Annual Student Competitive Exhibition 2014

04/03-04/24    BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Gallery

01/16-01/30   Video Screenings: A compilation of short videos created by Professor Li’s graphic design students

02/03-02/17    Urban Discourse

02/20-03/03    Body Language

03/13-03/17    Suspension

04/03-04/14    All Call Color Show

04/17-04/22    Fibers

Fall 2013

Special Events

ArtsFest, September 27-October 5, 2013

Jen Lewin: The Pool and The Chandelier Harp, October 3-5, 2013

Artist’s Talks

Maysey Craddock, Public Lecture, Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jen Lewin, Public Lecture, Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jennifer Shaw, Public Lecture, Thursday, October 24, 2013

Formal Lecture, Thursday, October 24, 2013

Informal Gallery Talk, Friday, October 25, 2013

Baum Gallery

9/ 5-10/27 Maysey Craddock: Angle of Repose

9/ 5-10/27 Jennifer Shaw: Nature/Nurture

9/ 5-10/27 Artistic Eye: Works from the Personal Collections of the Art Faculty

11/7-12/5 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

8/29-9/5 Hues: Painting I and II classes

9/12-9/23 Contemporary Media

9/26-9/30 Wasted: A collaboration with UCA’s Department of Writing

10/3-10/8 A Toast to Art

10/10-10/28 Our Colors, Our Stories: An exhibit on LBGT Activism

10/31-11/11 Goosebumps: A Halloween Show

Spring 2013

Special Events

23nd Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, Friday, March 8, 2013,

Artist’s Talks

Curt LaCross, Gallery Talk, , January 15

Mario Marzan, Public Lecture, Tuesday, January 15

Julie Evans, Gallery Talk, Thursday, January 17

Curt LaCross, Public Lecture, Thursday, January 17

Wendel Norton on Art Conservation, Public Lecture, Thursday, January 24

Julie Evans, Public Lecture, Tuesday, February 26


Ceramics Workshop with Curt LaCross: January 15-17

Contemporary Sculpture Workshop: January 15-17

Painting Workshop with Julie Evans: Wednesday, January 16l

Baum Gallery

01/17-02/24 Swishbone: New Paintings by Julie Evans

01/17-02/24 Under the Influence: New Ceramic Work by Curt LaCross

01/17-02/24 Alternating Currents: A Mixed Media Installation by Mario Marzan

01/17-02/24 Before and After: An Exploration of the Art Conservation Process

03/04-03/28 2013 Annual Student Competitive

04/01-04/29 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

01/24-02/05 Exhibit A: A Juried Show

02/14-02/19 Colorstrology

02/21-03/05 Demarkation: Illustrative Narrative Exhibit

03/07-03/26 Prints + Illustration

04/11-04/23 Rise of the Pleiades

Fall 2012

Special Events

ArtsFest, September 21-29, 2012

Mirazozo Luminarium, September 27-29, 2012

Artist’s Talks

Erica Nickol, Sept. 6, 2012

Baum Gallery

8/20-10/25 So Tiny: An Exhibition of Small Works in 3-D

9/06-10-25 Juried Bodies of Work: The Baum MFA Biennial 2012

9/06-10/25 Small Talk: New Works on Paper by Heather Gordon

9/27-9/29 Mirazozo Luminarium: A building-sized inflatable sculpture by Architects of Air

11/1-11/5 Studio Foundations Course Competitive

11/15-12/07 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

8/30-9/14 Nostalgia: A Stunning Selection, a body of work juried by students and faculty.

9/20-10/05 Black Box City: an Interactive Exhibit

11/11-11/24 2Dimensions: A Graphic Design Class Show with Ray Ogar

11/01-11/16 This is an Experiment, installation by Drawing IV students using non-traditional materials

11/27-12/07 (the) Land, works related to landscape, the environment, ecology, farming, and parks

Spring 2012

Special Events

22nd Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, March 8 & 9, 2012

Artists Talks

Ryan Mulligan, Visiting Artist Talk, January 17, 2012

Baum Gallery

1/19-2/26 Environments: Interrogating Space

1/19-2/26 New Work: Color Portraits (Photography by Donna Pinckley)

3/7-3/28 2012 Annual Student Competitive

4/5-4/28 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

1/19-2/2 Liberated: Small Group Show with works by students who completed a 4388-Advanced Studio class during the Fall 2011.

2/9-2/16 Oprah’s Postmodern “Painting as Therapy” Spectacle!, Class Show

2/14-2/16 The Sounds of Love- Valentine’s Day Show

2/23-3/1 Achromatic Affair. Juried Show. All works in Black and White

3/8-3/16 On and Off the Wall. Class Show.

4/5 Art Prom

4/12-4/20 Reinchromation. Juried show featuring works utilizing a full range of color.

 Fall 2011

Special Events

Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Festival, September 12-17, 2011


Artists Talks

Joe Page, ceramic installation artist, Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baum Gallery

8/18-9/01 Pre-Season Exhibit: Foundation Class Competitive

09/15-10/27 Connections: The Fifteenth Year

09/15-10/27 More Than a Mold: Contemporary Slip Cast Ceramics

09/15-10/27 cloud control: the devastation of an anchor

10/06-10/29 Annual Alumni Exhibition : Keith Melton: New Projects

11/10-12/08 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

09/08-09/15 Between Spaces. Featuring students Rachel Hamilton, Stephanie Moore, Julie Isom, Leeanne Maxey, Britynn Davis, Alan Masingill, and Eric Darmstaedter.

09/29-10/06 Illuminate. Jury show.

10/13-10/19 3-DEALITY: Occupying Spaces. Works from Professor Bryan Massey’s 3D and Sculpture classes.

11/03-11/17 Ceramics Class Show. Works from Professor Smith’s ceramics classes.

12/01-12/15 Ctrl + Alt + Shift. Jury Show

Spring 2011

Special Events

21st Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium

Artists Talks

Doug Cason, February 22, 2011

The Art of the Old West by David Hunt, March 8, 2011


Bread and Puppet Theatre Workshop, April 4-April 8, 2011

Baum Gallery

01/13-02/24 Improvised Intaglio: Jiří Anderle Prints from the Baruch Foundation

01/13-02/24 Habitats: Portraiture by Kat Wilson

01/13-02/24 Earth: Fragile Planet, Organized by the Society of Illustrators, New York, NY

01/13-02/24 Intersecting the Book: When Artists, Writers & Graphic Designers Create 2D Worlds. Curator: Ray Ogar, Asst. Professor, Graphics, UCA

01/13-02/24 Axis Mundi: Levittown, A Multi-Media Exhibition by Holly Laws

03/10-03/31 Baum Gallery Annual Student Competitive

04/14-04/28 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

01/27-02/10 Dizygotic- A small group show displaying works of various media by six students.

02/17-02/27 Imperfectly Remembered- solo exhibit by Mark Monroe

03/03-03/10 100 New Zealots

03/17-03/31 The Divine Woo- Works by Professor Sandra Luckett’s Painting students.

04/04-04/08 Bread and Puppet Theatre Workshop

04/21-04/28 Art of the Uncanny

Fall 2010

Special Events

Artsfest in Conway


Night of 1000 Drawings

Visiting Artists

Biennial Artist Lecture, September 16, 2010

Julie Blackmon, September 30, 2010

Baum Gallery

8/22-8/31 Pre-Season Exhibit: Foundation Class Competitive

9/16-10/28 Baum MFA Biennial Competitive Exhibition: Paintings

9/16-10/28 Fantastic Realities: Photography by Julie Blackmon

9/16-10/28 Aqua Bomb: An Installation

10/07-10/30 Annual Alumni Homecoming Exhibition-Exhuberant Color: Paintings and Ceramics by Allie Maxwell Nottingham (BFA Painting ’07)

11/11-12/02 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

09/02-09/15 Diverse Perception

09/20-09/24 STEM Art Show

09/30-10/07 When Words Aren’t Enough

10/14-10/20 Data and Methods

10/28-11/04 Tension Remnants

11/11-11/18 Chemistry

12/02-12/09 Ceramics

Spring 2010

Special Events

20th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium

Visiting Artists

Mark Bode, January 21, 2010

Magda Sayeg, April 5-7, 2010


Magda Sayeg, April 5-7, 2010

Baum Gallery

01/21-02-25 Tagged, Stamped and Stenciled: Guerrilla Art “Goes Gallery”-Mark Bode

01/21-02/25 Polarized Dispersions: A Multi-Media Installation by Michael Wyshock

03/11-4/01 2009 Annual Student Competitive

04/15-04/29 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

05/03-05/07 Foundation Show

Black Box Student Gallery

01/28-02/05 Small Group Show – Brett Anderson, Nicole Atwell, Robyn Blaylock, Julie Cardin, Jenn Eakins, Brandon Mathis, and Lonnie Smith.

02/11-02-19 Annual Erotic Art Show

02/25-03/05 Class Show Featuring Work by Students of Prof. Bryan Massey, Sr. and Prof. Donna Pinckley

03/11-03/19 Fibers-Class show featuring work by the students in Dr. Kuster’s Fibers class.

04/01-04/09 Class Show Featuring the Work of the Students of Professor Roger Bowman.

04/15-04/23 Fly Away

Fall 2009

Special Events


ArtsFest in Conway

Visiting Artists

CORE Dance, October 8

Baum Gallery

9/10-10/29 -Cardinal Points/Puntos Cardinales: A Survey of Contemporary Latino and Latin American Art

9/10-10/29 -Pre-Columbian Artifacts: UCA’s Riddick Collection, an “open storage” exhibit of historic vessels, masks and figures

9/10-10/29 – Function PLUS: Contemporary Teapots

10/1-10/29 Annual Alumni Homecoming Exhibition-On Location: Watercolor Paintings by William “Bill” Branch

11/12-12/3 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

Sept. 3rd- 4388 Show, Class Show

Sept. 24th- Tension Remnants 2, Class Show

Oct. 8th- Layered (in conjunction with ArtClicks! and ArtsFest), Juried Show

Oct. 22- Grant Looney, Solo Show

Nov. 5- Identity, Juried Show

Nov. 19- Drawing IV, Class Show

Spring 2009

Visiting Artists

Joy Christiansen, January 22-23

Kerry Skarbakka, February 26-27

Baum Gallery

1/22-2/29 Six Degress of Transmutation: Emerging Artists

1/22-2/29 AVOCATION: Department of Art Faculty Show

3/5-3/19 2009 Annual Student Competitive

4/16-4/30 BA/BFA Juried Senior Exhibition

Black Box Student Gallery

Jan 29 – Small Group Show (Tindall, Brown, Watkins)

Feb 12 – Bare Exposition- the Annual Erotic Art Show

Mar 05 – Carnival of Earthly Delights: work from Michael Wyshock’s painting students

Mar 19 – Small Group Show (TBA)

Apr 09 – Unknown Variables-The Black and White Show (juried show)

Apr 23 – Shadowing: work from Holly Laws’ 3-D students