Art History Symposium

The 26th Annual Art History Symposium

Sponsored by The University of Central Arkansas with assistance from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and generously funded by the UCA Department of Art and UCA arts fees. All events are fee and open to the public.


 March 10-11, 2016, University of Central Arkansas, Conway
All events will be held in the Art Lecture Hall, Room 143, McCastlain Hall


Thursday, March 10th, 7:30 PM – Keynote Lecture by Dr. Lawrence Waldron, CUNY, “Primitive Whim: How an Accident at the Museum Became Curriculum at the College”

Friday, March 11th, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM – Presentation of Student Papers,

Friday, March 11th, 3:30 PM – Closing Presentation by Dr. Lawrence Waldron, CUNY, “Zoomorphs: Ritual, and Regionalism in Ancient Caribbean Art”