FAQ – Academic Success

How can I improve my test-taking skills?

UCA offers Academic Success Workshops every semester and 24/7 online that cover how to study for exams and improve your outcomes.  Our Peer Success Coaches and Tutors can also discuss your test-preparation strategies with you, and help you improve your performance. If you are in a course that offers Supplemental Instruction, your SI session leader can help you prepare for upcoming exams.

Who can help me write a better paper?

The UCA Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) is open to all UCA students for help with developing your paper concept through editing the final product.  Make an appointment with the CWC now!

Can I listen to class while at work, if my class is virtual?

Not successfully.  A virtual class does not you do not have to participate.  Many virtual classes have your interact with other students in breakout rooms, view a short video,  ___

How many hours do I need to spend outside of class working on classwork?

You will spend approximately 6-9 hours per week outside of class on one 3 credit hour class.  For a 3 credit hour class, you can expect to spend 3 hours in class per week and 6-9 hours each week of research, preparing notes, studying, reading, completing assignments.  This will also depend on the class you are taking.  Remember 2-3 hrs per credit hour is a guideline.  What you put into preparing for class is often reflected by the grade you receive in the class.