Summer Start


New to UCA? Give us five days (or three weeks), and together we can help you become an even better student!


students by bearBeing a successful college student requires different skills than you needed in high school.  UCA’s Summer Start programs will help you learn what you need to succeed before you even begin your first semester.  Commit yourself to just five days of intensive skills and content development, and your grades will thank you.  YOU will thank you!  Want to do even more? Then check out our three-week programs.

Our five-day Summer Start programs are available in the following focus areas —  Science Prep; Leadership Development; Math Skills; and Writing, Presentation, and Study Skills

We also offer a three-week summer review program in Chemistry that results in credit hours toward your degree and better preparation for the Fall semester.

In addition to improving your math, writing, reading, science, or leadership skills, each program also includes workshops and sessions on how to improve your study habits, how to get involved at UCA, and how to manage your time.

Summer Start programs are optional, but students who participate in Summer Start begin their first year at UCA with greater confidence and improved academic skills. You even have the choice of living on campus or commuting for all programs.

An Overview of UCA’s 2018 Summer Start Programs
One-week, non-credit programs (August 13-17) – Registration opens April 1, 2018.
Three-week, for credit programs (July 23-Aug 10)
  • Registration deadline: June 30th 
    •  Chem4Success  (for science and health science majors who want to improve their chemistry background before enrolling in College Chemistry) 
    • Chem4Success students enroll in CHEM 1301 and ACAIMG_3736D 1300 (Journeys to Success).  It’s intense, but in three weeks you will have earned six hours of college credit, and you’ll be ready for your first year!
    • Students in this program may qualify for financial aid with submission of the 2017 FAFSA.