What is “First-Gen”?

“First generation student” means that your parent(s) or primary guardians did not complete a 4-year college or university degree. If that’s you, our FirstGen@UCA Program is here to help you succeed in your efforts to earn your degree. Please let us know how to help you by contacting


Hear from Itzel, a first-generation student, about her experience with FirstGen@UCA and UCA F1RSTs!

First-Generation Scholar’s Society

The First-Generation Scholars Society (UCA’s F1RSTs) purpose is to provide a place for first-generation students and their supporters to come together and share experiences. This organization provides resources, services, and programs to assist first-gen students in their success at UCA. We are a departmental recognized student organization (RSO) created to provide a support system of students helping students navigate through college.

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UCA First-Gen Faculty & Staff Stories

Many of the faculty and staff members working at UCA were also first-generation students! We asked them to share their stories and advice for succeeding in college. We hope these stories inspire and encourage you to persevere when you face challenges.

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