Online Learning Help

Tips for Online Learning
With the quick move to online classes, we are all learning how to best learn online.  Here are a few key tips and resources for you.

Now, more than ever, organize your studying and your time — use your planner or calendar!
  • Be sure you read email from your professors and carefully review what each professor wants you to do in this new online world. Will assignment due dates change? When and how will tests happen? Are classes happening synchronously (everyone is online at the same time) or asynchronously (working on your own)?
  • Plan when you will work on course assignments and do it. If it helps, stick to your original schedule and work on those classes then.  Either way, create a new weekly schedule for yourself.
  • Ask for help! Our Peer Success Coaches can talk you through how to rethink your new online study world. Email and ask a peer coach to contact you.
Work out your tech and software access.  Experiment in the various online platforms you need to use before you need them, if possible. Most importantly, don’t give up!
  • Need WiFi access?  Contact your phone provider about hotspot plans they are offering right now. Many are free!
  • Need software help?  Check out the UCA IT Academic Continuity page or contact a tutor through Tutoring Services.
    • Questions about using Google Meet (Hangouts), which is part of your UCA Google (email) account? Try this helpful video: Google Meet
    • Questions about Blackboard? Check UCA IT’s information here or on the Blackboard Help site.
  • Still stuck? Call UCA IT Helpdesk at 501-450-3107 or submit a Help Request Form

Need Library resources or support? 

Finally, don’t stress out!  This is new to many of us.  Breathe and keep going.
  • If you are really challenged by something, don’t give up.  Instead, reach out to your professor and explain what is difficult.  Ask for help and/or options. Remember…faculty haven’t done this type of emergency remote instruction before, either! We’re all figuring this out, together.

Want more study tips for online learning?