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Supplemental Instruction

COVID-19 Update

Supplemental Instruction sessions will be following the university standards for COVID-19, which you can find at:

What is SI?

SI is a study group program that helps you learn “what to learn” as well as “how to learn.” SI consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class group study sessions that are facilitated by SI leaders who will be attending class. SI is a free service and attendance is voluntary but strongly encouraged as a means for improving your success in the course. Be prepared to participate! SI sessions focus on collaborating with your classmates to help you better understand or retain class concepts. Bring your notes, your textbook, and your curiosity!


Why should I attend SI sessions?

Students who participate in SI typically make a higher final grade in the course than students who choose not to attend and are less likely to drop the course. To get the most benefit, begin attending SI sessions early and often throughout the semester. You’ll work closely with classmates and join a subcommunity of your class focused on mastering class concepts and accountability. You’ll pick up enhanced study skills from your SI Leader who has previously succeeded in the course. You might also have fun! SI sessions are a relaxed and welcoming environment where participants learn through engaging group activities.


Which courses at UCA have SI?

SI is currently offered in General Psychology, Biology I, Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Accounting I, and Microeconomics. If you do not have an SI leader assigned to your course, you can get one-on-one help from a tutor. See our tutoring schedule.


How can I become an SI Leader?

Want to join our team? Fill out our SI Leader job application. We’re looking for students who love to help other students learn and have demonstrated their understanding of class concepts by making an A in the course they want to be an SI Leader for.