UCA Academic Success Workshops are open to any enrolled UCA student.

Workshops are offered on campus every semester, and online workshops are available 24/7 all year!

Join us and improve your skills and abilities. Your grades will thank you!

On-campus workshops


Academic Success Workshops Spring 2020

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops meet

  • Tuesday or Thursday
  • X-period
  • Doyne Auditorium (Room 141)

Attendance Verification Available

(Please note: students arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of the program will not receive attendance verification.)


 Jan 14: Creating a Success Plan!

Jan 21: The Paraphrasing Strategy

Jan 23: My Emotions are Affecting my Academics! How Do I Pull It Together? [Tutoring Services, Torreyson 223]

Jan 28: Why Wait! Don’t Procrastinate!

Feb 4: Successful Goal-Setting and Planning

Feb 11: I Didn’t Have to Study in High School: Study Skills for Successful Students

Feb 13: How to Go to Graduate School  [Freshmen through Seniors welcome!! Tutoring Services, Torreyson 223]

Feb 18: What Do I Need to Write Down? Note-Taking Strategies

Feb 20: Becoming a Better Writer  [Tutoring Services, Torreyson 223]

Feb 25: “I Don’t Like Group Work!” Successful Group Work Strategies

Feb 27: Connecting Your Interests to an Academic Major [Advising Center, Harrin 130]

Mar 3: Effective Communication is NOT Common Sense — or Common Practice

Mar 10: Personality and Learning Styles

Mar 12: Improving my Grades [Tutoring Services, Torreyson 223]

Mar 17: Test-Taking Tips

Mar 31: What is Mindfulness?

Apr 2: Graduation 101

Apr 7: Traits of  Successful Students

Apr 9: Your Choices = You [Tutoring Services, Torreyson 223]

Apr 14: Financial Literacy

Apr 21: Diversity in the Classroom


 Online workshops (StudentLingo)


University of Central Arkansas

The UCA Office of Student Success is pleased to offer online workshops through StudentLingo.  Each workshop includes a Certificate of Completion.  

To access the workshops, go to myUCA, StudentLingo

Workshop Topic Areas
  • Academic & Career Exploration 
  • Reading & Writing Strategies 
  • Learning to Learn
  • Personal Management
  • Online Learning
  • Success Strategies
 For more information on specific workshops available, follow this link.

StudentLingo Workshop Descriptions

Questions about StudentLingo? Contact: Shelly Vangsnes at 501-450-5969 or