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Conway Adult Education
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Governor of Boys and Girls State Scholarship
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Other Scholarships

UCA EAST Program Scholarship

The University of Central Arkansas EAST scholarships recognize UCA’s historic role in the development and growth of the EAST program. A graduate of UCA created the EAST program, and UCA has continued its relationship with EAST in multiple ways as the program has grown and achieved fame within Arkansas and in other states. EAST scholarships are awarded to high school graduates that have been active members of EAST programs without regard to their college major in so far as that major is offered at UCA. Scholarships carry a value of up to $1,500 per semester for a maximum of eight semesters.

A. Eligibility Requirements

1. Completion of two years active participation in an E.A.S.T. program during grades 9-12.

2. High school grade point average of not less than 2.50 overall and in high school core course requirements.

3. ACT composite score of 21 or higher.

4. Preference may be given to graduates of Arkansas high schools; however, should a recipient be chosen from an out-of-state program, then the recipient will be considered as an in-state student for the purposes of the EAST scholarship.

B. Application Process

Please contact Dr. Ginny Adams (gadams@uca.edu) for additional information and/or an application for the EAST Scholarship.

Please check back soon for the 2019-2020 UCA EAST Program Scholarship Application

C. Renewal

1. The scholarship may be renewed for seven consecutive non-summer semesters as long as the recipient is making satisfactory progress toward the chosen degree.

2. The recipient must remain in good academic standing.

3. The recipient must maintain good citizenship standing with the university.

4. The recipient must complete a minimum of 28 semester hours each academic year with at least 12 hours completed each semester. An exception may be made for the first year, but a recipient must complete 24 semester hours during the first academic year. The scholarship may not be used for summer sessions.