The School of Communication houses the UCA Forensics team, which has scholarships available for students majoring or minoring in Communication or Public Relations.  Look for the application under the directory (Forensics) or contact the Director, School of Communication for additional information.


UCA Forensics Scholarship Overview

The University of Central Arkansas Forensics Team offers scholarships to students who plan to study in the field of communication and who have demonstrated excellence in debate, forensics, or competitive speech.

UCA Forensics is a member of the International Public Debate Association (IPDA). IPDA is an extemporaneous form of debate that emphasizes “real world” persuasion skills. While the format is very popular in the mid-South, it is quickly becoming a popular format across the country. The team also competes in tournaments that offer individual events sanctioned by the American Forensics Association. The events include limited preparation speeches, platform speeches, and interpretive events. UCA Forensics has had much success over the last few years. The team won its third Arkansas state overall championship in January 2016. Last season, the team earned third place at the IPDA National Championship and first place in the Team IPDA Championship.

Scholarships are available to incoming first-year students, transfer students, and current UCA undergraduates. In order to apply, please open attached link.

Scholarship Application Forensics 2019