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Assistance Program For Students with Exceptional Circumstances (APSEC)

The APSEC program is a scholarship program that supports students who exhibit exceptional financial need and do not qualify for, or receive, other institutional scholarships or financial aid sufficient to attend the university or continue their education.  Applications must be received by July 15 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Mid-semester grants are available and must be received by October 1 in the fall and March 1 in the spring.

Access Board Policy 710



  • Spring Semester
    • Application Period: October 2nd to December 1st.
    • Awarded funds applied to the upcoming Spring semester.


  • Spring Mid-semester
    • Application period: December 2nd to March 1st.
    • Awarded funds applied to the current Spring semester.


  • Fall Semester
    • Application period: March 2nd to July 15th.
    • Awarded funds applied to the upcoming Fall semester.


  • Fall Mid-semester
    • Application period: July 16th to October 1st.
    • Awarded funds applied to the current Fall semester.


If you have questions about the APSEC (Assistance Program for Students with Exceptional Circumstances), please email or call 501-852-0704.