DASH Emergency Grants

IMPORTANT: The DASH Grant funds have been exhausted. However, if you are facing an emergency, you may schedule an appointment with our staff to see if there are any resources in the community that may be able to help you.


An unexpected crisis should never force you to choose between paying the bills and staying in school. UCA is dedicated to helping you continue your education no matter what life may throw at you. DASH provides emergency micro-grants for expenses that students never have to pay back.



DASH is a one-time-only grant available to students facing unexpected but temporary financial setbacks related to the cost of non-university expenses. For example, we would not pay for your utility bill every month but could pay for the current month if you are in immediate need. Each situation is unique, and we encourage you to call or email to find out how we can help.

Contact us at (501) 852-0704 or dashgrant@uca.edu with any questions or concerns.



  • Child Care
  • Food/Meals
  • Gasoline
  • Housing/Rent
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Personal Automobile Expenses
  • Public Transportation/Bus Pass
  • Utilities



  • Full or part-time student seeking a degree
  • Enrolled at UCA during the semester in which the grant would be received
  • COVID-19 impacted your financial situation



  1. Submit an online application outlining the need for funding due to costs resulting from COVID-19 related circumstances.
  2. Provide appropriate documentation of your expense—for example, a car repair estimate or a utility bill.
  3. Meet with the Program Coordinator, if required.
    If you cannot make it to an appointment you have already scheduled, be sure to cancel it or let the Program Coordinator know. All no-shows will be required to complete a 1-page essay in order to be considered for a DASH grant in the future.



  1. The Dash Grants Selection Committee will consider the completed application and vote.
  2. The student will receive an email stating whether their grant has been denied, fully awarded, or partially awarded.
  3. If the grant is approved, the Coordinator will submit a payment request within 1-2 business days.
  4. Student Accounts will process payments on Mondays and Thursdays only after receiving approval from the State of Arkansa Department of Finance and Administration.

All decisions by the committee are final and cannot be appealed.

IMPORTANT: The committee does not have a set timeline to make a decision.  It could take as little as a few days to as long as more than a month for a decision.  If you’re approved for the grant, it could take a week or more before funds are disbursed.


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