Counseling Psychology (MS)

Program Description

The Master’s of Science program in Counseling Psychology serves the state of Arkansas by preparing graduates to provide comprehensive psychological services, including assessment and intervention, to individuals and groups.  The majority of graduates from this program will work as Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in community mental health centers, private practice, and state and private agencies.  The need for LPCs is met through course-work in the science and practice of psychology and counseling, individual supervision, and guided experiences in university and community settings.  These activities are coordinated by the Counseling Psychology Committee, composed of UCA faculty members who are licensed psychologists.  The program is guided by a belief in the scientist-practitioner model of education, training, and practice.  The faculty members of the department have been educated and trained under this model, and these values are expressed in university and internship experiences.

Student Learner Outcomes

  1. Graduates of the Counseling Psychology Program will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skill in implementing psychological treatments and administering and interpreting psychological tests.
  2. Graduates of the Counseling Psychology program will be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of ethical and professional standards within a counseling setting.
  3. Graduates of the Counseling Psychology program will have met core requirements to become licensed as Licensed Professional Counselor in Arkansas
  4. Graduates of the Counseling Psychology program will successfully enter the mental health profession.

Prospective Students

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Program Faculty