The goal of the appeal process is to provide members of the UCA community an avenue to settle contested UCA parking and traffic citations.

The university parking and traffic appeals committee appeals board consists of faculty, staff, and student members recommended by the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government Association.  One representative from each group attends the appeals hearing as a member. It is highly recommended that you attend your hearing but it is not mandatory. You will be notified of the date, time and location of the appeal hearing after you have submitted the appeal form online. Once submitted for review by the appeal committee, the citations on your account will be placed on hold. The fine amount due will be zero until it has been reviewed by the committee. These hearings are not open to the public. On the day of the hearing, go to the location you were provided and your appeal will be heard in the order that you arrived in front of the board. At the hearing you will be given an opportunity to state your appeal and answer any questions from the board. The board will make their decision in an executive session and you will be notified of their decision. If you have not heard anything within two weeks from the hearing date, contact the UCAPD Parking Services office for information. If your appeal is denied, the fine will be placed back on your account for payment.

The parking and traffic appeals form can be located at this link.


  • Appeals must be filed within 7 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.
  • Appeals may be filed only if the citation was issued in error, contrary to parking regulations, or an extraordinary circumstance led to the issuance of the citation.
  • The following reasons are considered frivolous and not valid as a basis for appeal:
    • Lack of knowledge of regulations
    • Other vehicles were parked improperly;
    • Only parked illegally for a short period of time;
    • Not ticketed previously for similar offenses;
    • Late to class or appointment;
    • Didn’t notice/read/see posted sign;
    • No other place to park;
    • Failure to display a parking permit;
    • Inability to pay the amount of the fine.

The parking and traffic appeals form can be located at this link.