Traffic and Parking Committee


  1. Recommend long-range plans for parking space.
  2. Recommend policies for parking including zoning criteria, permit costs, and penalty amounts.
  3. Recommend policies and procedures for administrative forgiveness of parking and traffic citations.
  4. Select traffic appeals board to hear traffic citation appeals. The traffic appeals board will consist of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student, all selected from the membership of the traffic and parking committee.


Three full-time continuing faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating three-year terms; three staff members appointed by the Staff Senate for rotating three-year terms; three student members appointed by the Student Government Association to serve one-year terms. The UCA Police Department and Physical Plant will each appoint a permanent representative. The committee shall elect its own chair.




Justin Tapley and Katie Ray Permanent UCA Police Department Appointment
 Mark White Permanent Physical Plant
Peter Bella (CAHSS) 2022 Faculty Senate Appointment
Amanda Bruce (CAHSS) 2023 Faculty Senate Appointment
Rick Tarkka (CNSM) 2024 Faculty Senate Appointment
Kristin Jetts 2022 Staff Senate Appointment
Julia Robinson 2023 Staff Senate Appointment
Taylor Ingram 2023 Staff Senate Appointment
Jamaal Lockings  2021 SGA Appointment
Hayden Wood 2021 SGA Appointment


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Reports to

Vice President for Finance and Administration

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