Operation ID

Operation ID is a nationwide program designed to discourage burglary and theft of valuables. It also provides a way for you to easily identify stolen property, and increases law enforcement’s chances of recovery and conviction.

Most burglars steal valuables for resale, but if you mark all items permanently (name and/or numbers) the burglars may be unable to sell them. If a criminal knows all your valuables are marked, he or she may look for easier and more profitable victims.

How to participate in Operation ID

The UCA Police Department has partnered with LeadsOnline LLC.‘s citizen property inventory system ReportIt to provide the UCA community with an online service for property registration and inventory.

To participate in the program, please go to http://reportit.leadsonline.com, select “Create New Account”, create your account and begin entering your valuable property.


  1. Identifying marks should be placed in all of your textbooks on a predetermined page.  Be sure to use the same page in all of your books.
  2. If you have access to a video recording device, inspect all of your valuables and zoom in on serial numbers or identifying marks.
  3. Be sure to list your “owner applied” information, serial number, brand, and model of all property listed.