UCA Parking and Traffic Fines

The following are the parking and traffic violations and corresponding fines established by the University of Central Arkansas.

Defacing, reproducing, altering or illegal use of permit $75
Falsifying registration information $75
Exceeding speed limit $40
Reckless/unsafe driving $75
Failure to stop or yield right-of-way $25
Parking in a disabled parking space $75
Parking at a red curb $15
Improper equipment $15
Double parking/blocking $15
Parking in the wrong area $15
Parking in a “No Parking” area $15
Parking in a reserved area $15
Driving and/or parking on grass $10
Driving/parking wrong direction on a one-way street $10
Parking on the wrong side of street $10
Over-line parking $10
Improper display of permit $10
Overtime parking $10
Failure to display permit $10

As of August 9, 2021