UCA Parking / Traffic Fines & Towing Charges

The following are the parking and traffic violations and corresponding fines established by the University of Central Arkansas.

Defacing, reproducing, altering or illegal use of permit $75
Falsifying registration information $75
Exceeding speed limit $40
Reckless/unsafe driving $75
Failure to stop or yield right-of-way $25
Parking in a disabled parking space $75
Parking at a red curb $15
Improper equipment $15
Double parking/blocking $15
Parking in the wrong area $15
Parking in a “No Parking” area $15
Parking in a reserved area $15
Driving and/or parking on grass $10
Driving/parking wrong direction on a one-way street $10
Parking on the wrong side of street $10
Over-line parking $10
Improper display of permit $10
Overtime parking $10
Failure to display permit $10

As of August 9, 2021

Pro Auto has been awarded the towing contract for UCA.

Charges for towing services are as follows:
Charge fee for vehicle towed from UCA – $25.00
Storage / Impound Fee per day – $10.00 (Starting on the date of impoundment)
Charge fee if vehicle operator arrives before the vehicle is “hooked up” by the tow operator – $0.00
Charge fee if vehicle operator arrives after the vehicle is “hooked up” by the tow operator – $25.00

Tow charges effective July 1, 2024
Contact the UCA Procurement Office for any questions regarding the towing contract.