The UCA Police Department falls under the Office of the President. Chief John D. Merguie reports to UCA Chief of Staff Kelley Erstine.

Our organization is outlined below. Our organizational chart is available for download by clicking here.

Kelley Erstine, UCA Chief of Staff

  • John D. Merguie, Chief of Police
    • Ms. Kathy Runge, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police
    • William Tapley, Deputy Chief of Police
      • Captain Justin Tapley, Field Operations Commander
        • Sgt. Jake Moss, Criminal Investigations Division
        • Sgt. Mike Shaw, Criminal Investigations Division
        • Lieutenant Jamie Boothe, Patrol Services Commander
          • Sergeant Kevin Ford, Team A Supervisor
          • Sergeant Zack Hill, Team B Supervisor
          • Sergeant Keith Robinson, Team C Supervisor
      • Captain Chris Bentley, Administrative Services Bureau Commander
        • Mr. Andrew Norvell, Records and Communications Manager
        • Mrs. Claudia Hartley, Parking Services Division
        • Cpl. Michael Hopper, Public Information Officer, Standards and Training
    • Sergeant Sarah Garrett, Community Outreach
    • Tyler Lachowsky, Emergency Management Coordinator