Parking Services Division

Open Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

The Parking Services Division is responsible for the coordination and supervision of parking and traffic administrative operations. This includes the development, sales, and distribution of parking permits; processing debt set-off, implementation of revenue control systems; maintaining the campus and municipal citation files; effecting legal notification of vehicle impounds; distributing traffic and parking brochures and information; and providing other services for motorists utilizing campus roadways and parking facilities.

All inquiries regarding permits, payment of fines, and holds should be directed to this office during operating hours. 

All payments for UCA parking fines or permit fees must be processed online in the CASHNET portal of MYUCA or at Bernard Hall Student Accounts.

Online Citation and Permit Fee Payment

All citations, permits, replacement permits fees are posted to student and staff/faculty accounts to be paid online or at the Student Accounts office in Bernard Hall Suite 110.

Established parking and traffic fine amounts can be found here.

Follow these instructions to make a payment online with a credit or debit card.

  1. Log into myUCA at
  2. Click on CASHNET icon.
  3. This will open the CASHNET payment portal where you can make payments:

Under “Your Account” click the “Make payment/add on charges”

Description box will open with current terms  (EX. Fall/ Spring, year)

“Add to basket”

Enter the ticket/permit fee amount under price

Proceed to checkout to enter a method of payment

UCA Board Policy 421 and UCAPD Parking/Traffic Rules

UCA Board Policy 421

UCAPD Established Parking and Traffic Rules


A traffic violation may be appealed within 7 days of its issuance if the recipient believes it was in contrary to the rules and regulations of the campus or in error. Determinations of appeals are processed thru the university parking and traffic appeals committee.

The parking and traffic appeals form can be located at this link.