Masks are required as the campus is at red status.

Stem Education Seminar

The Stem Education Seminar is a cross-disciplinary seminar that encompasses all of the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Both students and faculty are encouraged to come! These seminars are now taking place during the normal departmental seminar time. See that page for details.


Below is the archive of previous talks at the STEM education seminar.


11/7/2017Ms. Kayla Waters Eye-Tracking and Student Reasoning about Rates of Change
10/3/2017Dr. Andrew MasonIntroductory Physics Considerations for Different Life Science MajorsAbstract
9/12/2017Dr. Jason Martin with Katie BurdenWhat Might Students See When Viewing Interactive Graphs? The Case of Jeremy and Integrals.Abstract
4/9/2015Dr. Jason Martin and Undergraduate Researchers, Cyrus Koch, Sarah Zimmerman and
Katie Burden.
Interactive Images to Support the Formation of Conceptual Models in Calculus.Abstract
3/12/2015Dr. Andrew MasonPedagogical Considerations for Non‐Physics Science Majors: Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Learning Problem Solving.Abstract
2/12/2015Dr. Linda Griffith and Undergraduate Researcher Jamie MullinsDeveloping and Field Testing Three Act Mathematics Modeling Task for K-5.Abstract
11/11/2014Dr. Umadevi GarimellaDesigning Professional Development for STEM Teachers.Abstract
10/14/2014Dr. Linda Griffith and Dr. Jean McGeheeFrom Arkansas Frameworks to Common Core; From Benchmarks to ARCCAbstract
9/9/2014Dr. Jason MartinAn approximation framework for calculus instruction: Addressing accessibility and supporting conceptual gains.Abstract
4/21/2014Dr. Andrew MasonCooperative Physics Problem Solving: Expectations and Cognition for Non- Physics Science Majors.Abstract
4/4/2014Dr. Matthew ThomasAnalyzing Interactively-Engaged Instruction and Conceptual Gains in Introductory Calculus.Abstract