Math Club

Hyperbolic Triangle (public domain image)

The math club at UCA promotes math and has fun at the same time. Meetings are typically every other Thursday during X-period in MCS 213. We also have an ongoing problem of the month series. Every year the math club organizes the annual calculus competition.

Spring 2021 Events

We’ve been up-ended with the pandemic. We’ve been having some in person and some Zoom meetings. Watch your e-mail for announcements.

Past Events

Date Presentation Topic Activity
1/23/20 Famous Conjectures Zombie Dice
2/6/20 Math behind Pringles and Saddle Points [Information Lost]
2/20/20 Game Theory Wits and Wagers
3/12/20 Tau or TBD [Information Lost]
4/2/20 Asymptotic Analysis [Information Lost]
4/16/20 All about the number 4. [Information Lost]
TBD Special Event: Pi-Day (Details [Information Lost])
Date Presentation Topic Activity
8/29/19 Financial Mathematics Zombie Dice
Officer Selection
9/12/19 Finding Zeros of An Equation Tsuro
9/26/19 Prime Numbers [Information Lost]
10/10/19 Scientific Computing: Math on Computers [Information Lost]
10/24/19 Algebraic Computing: Math on Computers [Information Lost]
11/7/19 [Information Lost] [Information Lost]
11/21/19 Special Event: Annual Calculus Tournament (4pm)
1/24/19 Physics with calculus vs Physics without calculus Wits and Wagers
2/7/19 Factoring Zombie Dice
2/21/19 Infinities – Cardinals [Information Lost]
3/7/19 The Twin Prime Conjecture [Information Lost]
3/14/19 Special Event: Pi-Day (Details TBD)
3/28/19 Mathematics behind Search Engines [Information Lost]
4/18/19 Statistics in Biology [Information Lost]
9/6/18 Straightness Citadel
9/20/18 Large Numbers Exploding Kittens
10/4/18 Traveling Flat [Information Lost]
10/18/18 Probability theory and gambling Wits and Wagers
11/1/18 Calculus: Integration by parts [Information Lost]
11/15/18 Special Event: Annual Calculus Tournament (Details TBD)
11/29/18 Mathematics of the board game Go [Information Lost]
1/25/18  Game Theory Zombie Dice
2/8/18  Mathematics Behind Board Games [Information missing]
2/22/18  Financial Mathematics and Interest Wits and Wagers
3/8/18  Mobius strips and Klein Bottles  Tic-Tac-Toe on nonstandard surfaces
3/14/18 Special Event: Pi-Day Celebration (Details TBD)
3/29/18  Cryptography Codenames
4/12/18  Bitcoin  Exploding Kittens
9/8/17 Linear Regression (Intro to Stats) Zombie Dice
9/21/17 Math behind the attribution of
climate change to extreme weather
Exploding Kittens
10/5/17 Bridges of Königsberg Carcassonne
10/26/17 Math of Fidget spinners and/or Pokémon Go Codenames
11/9/17 Calculus: Trig Substitution Apples to Apples
11/16/17 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
11/30/17 Advanced Regression Wits and Wagers
Tiling Problems and Mathematics Carcassonne
Splines Tsuro
Valentines Day Party
Graph Theory: four-coloring and planar graphs Code Names
Introduction to Numerical Methods Wits and Wagers
Measure Theory Crash Course Exploding Kittens
Statistics and P-values Zombie Dice
4/27/17 Last day of class party
9/1/16 The mathematics behind gym battles in Pokemon Go Pokemon Go
9/15/16 Algebraic Geometry: Varieties and Sheaves Tsuro
9/29/16 Mathematics and Elections Wits and Wagers
Discrete Structures: Maximum Flow King of Tokyo
10/27/16 Analysis: Metric Spaces Exploding Kittens
11/10/16 Calculus: Integrals Carcassonne
11/17/16 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
1/28 The Lottery A Lottery Game
2/18 Complex Analysis Challenge Riddles
2/25 Math Careers Math Balderdash
3/10 Trigonometry Early Pi-Day celebration
4/7 Topology Monza
4/21 Last day of class party
9/10 Social, Information, Careers in Math, Fruit Ninja, etc
9/24 Cryptography King of Tokyo
10/15 Derivatives Wits & Wagers
11/5 Mathematical fallacies Escape the Cursed Temple
11/19 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
12/4 Special Event: Study Break Board Games (1pm)
1/15 The Beginning of Math Carcassonne
2/19 Origami Folding Origami
4/2 Convexity Zombie Dice
4/9 “Mathy” xkcd viewing Math Balderdash
4/16 Infinitesimals “Mathy” ERS
4/23 Mental Math “Mathy” Water Pong
9/11 Cardinality Card Counting
9/25 Famous Conjectures KenKen
10/9 Knot Theory Cut-The-Rope
10/23 Mathematical Controversies Fruit Ninja
11/6 Limits Water Pong
11/20 Mind Breaking Math Tic-Tac-Toe on a Torus
11/20 Special Event: Calculus Tournament

Contact Us

Current Student Leaders (2020-2021)

  • Brandon White
  • Sarah Thiele

Previous Student Leaders

  • (Treasurer) Sarah Thiele
  • (President) Timur Alimkhanov
  • (President) Giheon Koh
  • (Vice President) Vincent Senclair
  • (Treasurer) Nathaniel Gregg
  • (Secretary) Siata Coulibably

Faculty Advisors

  • Jeffrey Beyerl
  • Long Le