Math Club

Hyperbolic Triangle (public domain image)

The math club at UCA promotes math and has fun at the same time. Meetings are typically every other Thursday during X-period in MCS 213. Before COVID we also had an ongoing problem of the month series and annual calculus competition. If you’re interested in getting involved and leading the club, come to a club meeting or e-mail Dr. Le.

Past Events

Fall 2020 through Fall 2021 was a bit sporadic due to COVID and most of those records have been lost.

Date Presentation Topic Activity
1/23/20 Famous Conjectures Zombie Dice
2/6/20 Math behind Pringles and Saddle Points [Information Lost]
2/20/20 Game Theory Wits and Wagers
3/12/20 Tau or TBD [Information Lost]
4/2/20 Asymptotic Analysis [Information Lost]
4/16/20 All about the number 4. [Information Lost]
TBD Special Event: Pi-Day (Details [Information Lost])
Date Presentation Topic Activity
8/29/19 Financial Mathematics Zombie Dice
Officer Selection
9/12/19 Finding Zeros of An Equation Tsuro
9/26/19 Prime Numbers [Information Lost]
10/10/19 Scientific Computing: Math on Computers [Information Lost]
10/24/19 Algebraic Computing: Math on Computers [Information Lost]
11/7/19 [Information Lost] [Information Lost]
11/21/19 Special Event: Annual Calculus Tournament (4pm)
1/24/19 Physics with calculus vs Physics without calculus Wits and Wagers
2/7/19 Factoring Zombie Dice
2/21/19 Infinities – Cardinals [Information Lost]
3/7/19 The Twin Prime Conjecture [Information Lost]
3/14/19 Special Event: Pi-Day (Details TBD)
3/28/19 Mathematics behind Search Engines [Information Lost]
4/18/19 Statistics in Biology [Information Lost]
9/6/18 Straightness Citadel
9/20/18 Large Numbers Exploding Kittens
10/4/18 Traveling Flat [Information Lost]
10/18/18 Probability theory and gambling Wits and Wagers
11/1/18 Calculus: Integration by parts [Information Lost]
11/15/18 Special Event: Annual Calculus Tournament (Details TBD)
11/29/18 Mathematics of the board game Go [Information Lost]
1/25/18  Game Theory Zombie Dice
2/8/18  Mathematics Behind Board Games [Information missing]
2/22/18  Financial Mathematics and Interest Wits and Wagers
3/8/18  Mobius strips and Klein Bottles  Tic-Tac-Toe on nonstandard surfaces
3/14/18 Special Event: Pi-Day Celebration (Details TBD)
3/29/18  Cryptography Codenames
4/12/18  Bitcoin  Exploding Kittens
9/8/17 Linear Regression (Intro to Stats) Zombie Dice
9/21/17 Math behind the attribution of
climate change to extreme weather
Exploding Kittens
10/5/17 Bridges of Königsberg Carcassonne
10/26/17 Math of Fidget spinners and/or Pokémon Go Codenames
11/9/17 Calculus: Trig Substitution Apples to Apples
11/16/17 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
11/30/17 Advanced Regression Wits and Wagers
Tiling Problems and Mathematics Carcassonne
Splines Tsuro
Valentines Day Party
Graph Theory: four-coloring and planar graphs Code Names
Introduction to Numerical Methods Wits and Wagers
Measure Theory Crash Course Exploding Kittens
Statistics and P-values Zombie Dice
4/27/17 Last day of class party
9/1/16 The mathematics behind gym battles in Pokemon Go Pokemon Go
9/15/16 Algebraic Geometry: Varieties and Sheaves Tsuro
9/29/16 Mathematics and Elections Wits and Wagers
Discrete Structures: Maximum Flow King of Tokyo
10/27/16 Analysis: Metric Spaces Exploding Kittens
11/10/16 Calculus: Integrals Carcassonne
11/17/16 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
1/28 The Lottery A Lottery Game
2/18 Complex Analysis Challenge Riddles
2/25 Math Careers Math Balderdash
3/10 Trigonometry Early Pi-Day celebration
4/7 Topology Monza
4/21 Last day of class party
9/10 Social, Information, Careers in Math, Fruit Ninja, etc
9/24 Cryptography King of Tokyo
10/15 Derivatives Wits & Wagers
11/5 Mathematical fallacies Escape the Cursed Temple
11/19 Special Event: Calculus Tournament (4pm)
12/4 Special Event: Study Break Board Games (1pm)
1/15 The Beginning of Math Carcassonne
2/19 Origami Folding Origami
4/2 Convexity Zombie Dice
4/9 “Mathy” xkcd viewing Math Balderdash
4/16 Infinitesimals “Mathy” ERS
4/23 Mental Math “Mathy” Water Pong
9/11 Cardinality Card Counting
9/25 Famous Conjectures KenKen
10/9 Knot Theory Cut-The-Rope
10/23 Mathematical Controversies Fruit Ninja
11/6 Limits Water Pong
11/20 Mind Breaking Math Tic-Tac-Toe on a Torus
11/20 Special Event: Calculus Tournament

Contact Us

Current Student Leaders (2020-2021 Also 2022?)

  • Brandon White
  • Sarah Thiele

Previous Student Leaders

  • (Treasurer) Sarah Thiele
  • (President) Timur Alimkhanov
  • (President) Giheon Koh
  • (Vice President) Vincent Senclair
  • (Treasurer) Nathaniel Gregg
  • (Secretary) Siata Coulibably

Faculty Advisors

  • Sharif Mahmood
  • Long Le