Math Seminars

The standard time and place for talks is MCS 220 at 2pm. Some talks will be at other times such as a student thesis defense.

Refresments will be served prior to some seminars. For more details, please contact Dr. Weijiu Liu at 450-4584 or

Current Year

We will have more seminars when school starts back up again in Fall 2015.


Past Seminars

4/1/15Dr. Jeffrey BeyerlResearch in Graph Theory and Number TheoryAbstract
4/15/15Drs. Clarence Burg and Jason MartinA Perspective on the Status of Calculus I at UCAAbstract
4/17/15Eric JonesSymmetry and Compatibility of a Reaction-Diffusion Equation (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
4/24/15Camille DollinsAn Evaluation of Breast Radiological Density Assessment by Quantra Software as Compared to Visual Classification (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
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9/7/11Dr. Jason MartinA Framework for Calculus Instruction Abstract
9/21/2011Dr. Clarence BurgA Hands-On Presentation of DyKnowAbstract
10/5/2011Dr. Xianping LiAnisotropic Mesh Adaptation and Discrete Maximum Principle for Anisotropic Diffusion Problems Abstract
10/19/2011Dr. Giovanni Petris
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Applied Bayesian Statistics Abstract
11/2/2011Dr. Xian (Jane) Yu
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Sequential Change-Point Analysis of Markov Chains with Application in Early Detection of EpidemicsAbstract
11/30/2011Dr. Lianfang Lu
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
A Multiple-Case Study of Secondary Mathematics Education Reform in China Abstract
12/7/2011Dr. Donna FossMiddle Level Professional Development: Transforming The Mathematics Classroom? Abstract
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