Math Seminars

The standard time and place for talks is MCS 220 at 2pm. Some talks will be at other times such as a student thesis defense.

Refreshments will be served prior to some seminars. For more details, please contact Dr. Weijiu Liu at 450-4584 or

Recent Seminars

11/4/2020Dr. Sharif MahmoodFinding common support for causal inference through largest connected components
10/7/2020Dr. Todd AbelUCA STEMTeach Accreditation Report
9/30/2020Dr. Weijiu LiuRegulations of a passive and diffusive scalar in 2-D unsteady flows
9/9/2020Dr. Yinlin DongOn the threshold of vortex visualization
11/13/2019Dr. Janet NakarmiGoogle Smart Compose: A Neural Model
11/6/2019Dr. Desrin SahinMathematical Quality of Instruction
10/23/2019Dr. Sharif MahmoodMachine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Identification
10/9/2019Dr. Weijiu LiuPlausible Mathematics behind Violin Playing
10/2/2019Dr. Ramesh GarimellaOn the Solution of an Operator Equation
9/18/2019Dr. Yeil KwonAlternative Double Shrinkage Empirical Bayesian Estimation for the Selected Mean Parameters
9/4/2019Dr. James FetterlyPedagogical Practices and Pythagoras
4/24/2019Dr. Samantha RobinsonLocal Item Response Theory for the Detection of Differential Item Functioning Across Space
4/17/2019Dr. Nesrin SahinExamining Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs and Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
3/6/2019Dr. Xiu YeThe Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method
2/20/2019Dr. Long LeOptimal Locations for Delivery Services
2/6/2019Ms. Kayla Waters;
Mr. Wesley Martsching;
Dr. Jason Martin
"What Are You Looking At?" Eye-tracking and Shape Thinking
11/14/2018Dr. Sharif MahmoodCausal Inference in Non-randomized Experiment: an Assessment of the Performance of LCM.
11/7/2018Dr. Whitney WorleyA High-Dimensional Two-Sample Test for a Mean Vector Using Clustered Random Subspaces
10/25/2018Dr. Janet NakarmiRecommender Systems Using SVD
10/17/2018Dr. Jeffrey BeyerlThe Riemann Hypothesis: What Exactly Does It Claim?
10/10/2018Dr. Olcay KursunDeep Learning and Modeling Tactile Processing in Somatosensory Cortex
10/3/2018Dr. Yinlin DongWeak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Poisson's Equations
9/19/2018Dr. Yeil KwonPost Selection Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Estimation for Multiple Variances
9/12/2018Loi BooherCultural Relevance in STEM Classrooms
4/25/2018Dr. Janet NakarmiCentral Limit Theorem for the Variable Bandwidth Kernel Density Estimators
4/4/2018Dr. Kansas ConradyGenerating Questions to Promote Effective Communication in STEM Classes
3/7/2018Dr. James FetterlyPractical and Pedagogical Means to Engage Students in Learning Mathematical Content
2/4/2018Dr. Todd AbelA Case Study in Mathematical Digital Literacy: One Student Navigating an Information Pathway
11/27/2017Hung LuAn Exploration into Survival Analysis Using Prostate Cancer Data
(Masters Thesis)
11/8/2017Dr. Yinlin DongA Deformation Method for Adaptive Grid Generation
9/6/2017Dr. Weijiu LiuA Minimal Mathematical Model for Robust Blood Glucose Tracking

2016-2017 Academic Year

8/31/16Dr. Ramesh GarimellaSquare RootsAbstract
9/14/16Dr. Weijiu LiuBlood Glucose Regulation and Completeness of Real NumbersAbstract
10/19/16Dr. Jeff BeyerlMy Summer Experience: Cryptography, Duke’s
Talent Identification Program, and Flip Teaching
11/8/16Dr. Jason MartinLessons Learned Coordinating CalculusAbstract
3/15/17Drs. Jimmy Fetterly and Nesrin SahinInvestigating Pre-service Teachers’ Knowledge of Writing Word Problems for Given Fraction Number SentencesAbstract
4/12/17Dr. Jeff BeyerlGraph Theory, Interval Graphs, and Improper Interval GraphsAbstract
4/28/17Edward TawiahFactors Contributing to the Success of Small Businesses Using Structural Equation Modeling – A Statistical Framework (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/21/17Katie BurdenCase Studies of Virtual Manipulative and Static Derivative Images (M.A. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/26/17J. Mitchell HarrelsonA Social Network Analysis Technique in Authorship Networks: Edge-Weighted Network Approach (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/26/17Seth BloombergSymmetries of a Harry Dym System (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/27/17Thomas DeatherageNonclassical Symmetries of The Two Dimensional Navier Stokes Equations (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract

2015-2016 Academic Year

9/9/15Dr. Loi BooherRound Trip: Developing a Global View of Mathematical ThinkingAbstract
12/2/15Dr. Bob FithenUsing Statistical Machine Learning for Decision Making?Abstract
4/5/16Haley LaffoonThe Relationship Between Teacher and Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics and Reform Oriented Teaching (M.A. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/12/16Brandon AshleyAsymptotic Tracking and Disturbance Rejection of the Blood Glucose Regulation System (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/19/16Robert HabimanaStability Analysis of the Leslie Age Specific Population Model (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
7/20/16Rebecca MoodyMeasuring the Effectiveness of Federal Funding Using Social Network Analysis (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract

2014-2015 Academic Year

4/1/15Dr. Jeffrey BeyerlResearch in Graph Theory and Number TheoryAbstract
4/15/15Drs. Clarence Burg and Jason MartinA Perspective on the Status of Calculus I at UCAAbstract
4/17/15Eric JonesSymmetry and Compatibility of a Reaction-Diffusion Equation (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
4/24/15Camille DollinsAn Evaluation of Breast Radiological Density Assessment by Quantra Software as Compared to Visual Classification (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
8/3/15Jaime GarciaMeasuring the Impact of Research Funds in Collaborative Work Using Social Network Analysis—A Case Study (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract
8/4/15Kaiyi ChenThe Time Variation Paths of Factors Effecting Bank Stock Returns (M.S. Thesis Defense)Abstract

(The data from 2012-2014 was lost).

2011-2012 Academic Year

9/7/11Dr. Jason MartinA Framework for Calculus Instruction Abstract
9/21/2011Dr. Clarence BurgA Hands-On Presentation of DyKnowAbstract
10/5/2011Dr. Xianping LiAnisotropic Mesh Adaptation and Discrete Maximum Principle for Anisotropic Diffusion Problems Abstract
10/19/2011Dr. Giovanni Petris
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Applied Bayesian Statistics Abstract
11/2/2011Dr. Xian (Jane) Yu
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Sequential Change-Point Analysis of Markov Chains with Application in Early Detection of EpidemicsAbstract
11/30/2011Dr. Lianfang Lu
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
A Multiple-Case Study of Secondary Mathematics Education Reform in China Abstract
12/7/2011Dr. Donna FossMiddle Level Professional Development: Transforming The Mathematics Classroom? Abstract

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