Student Research


Jamie Mullins presenting at a conference in Boston with her mentor Linda Griffiths

The mathematics department encourages talented students to pursue research with one of our faculty members. Many of our faculty have available research options, if you’re a student in mathematics, let us know if you’re interested in mathematical research. Below is an archive of previous student research.

2021Sarah ThieleJeff BeyerlThe Great Mask Debate
2021Nicholas J. VotaJeff BeyerlImproper Interval Graphs and the Classification of Multiplicity
2020Azaryah WilsonLong LePDE Methods for Population Movement in an Epidemic.
2020Alma MalibekovaLong Le??
2020Diana MoralesLong Le??
2019Demitrius Moore??Divergent thinking or Problem Posing
2019Alex Jumper??Symmetry analysis of a fourth order nonlinear partial differential equation
2019Scarlett Nestlehut??Impact of historical mathematical problems on student metaperspectives of mathematics
2019Wesley Martsching??Identifying potential relationships between fixation patterns and -in-the-moment ways of reasoning
2019Jason Yingling??Multiple imputation for missing data via gradient boosted trees
2019Stefano BattistoFred HicklingFair Tax Schemes
2018Madison MartinDanny ArrigoDarboux Transformations for a system of Parabolic PDEs
2018Thomas BanhWeijiu LiuModeling negative feedback production of insulin
2018Monica DavanzoYinlin DongSolving Differential Equations Using Buffered Fourier Spectral Method
2018Jonathan ZlutickyJames FetterlyProblem Posing Project: A Serious Fibonacci Fiasco.
2018Demitrius MooreJames FetterlyDivergent Thinking or Problem Posing: Creativity at its Best
2017Madison MartinDanny ArrigoModeling Step Polymerization
2017Jonathan ZlutickyJeffrey BeyerlEfficiency of Common classes of Graphs
2016-2017Kayla WatersJason MartinInvestigating student sense making of calculus instructional videos
2016-2017Katie BurdenJason MartinCase studies of virtual manipulatives and static derivative images
2016-2017 John HarrelsonR.B. LeninOptimal Funding Strategies Using Social Network Analysis Techniques
2016-2017Edward TawiahR.B. LeninFactors Contributing To The Success Of Small Businesses Using Structural Equation Modeling - A Statistical Framework
2016-2017Andrew JensenR.B. LeninComparing Efficiency of Roundabouts to Traffic Lights in Conway, Arkansas – A probabilistic and Simulation Approach
2016Thomas BanhWeijiu LiuA linear disturbance rejection model for the blood glucose regulation system
2016Azaryah WilsonLong LeA Numerical Study for An Epidemic Model with Diffusion
2016Alma Malibekova and Diana MoralesLong LeMathematical Modeling of An Epidemic with Exposed Group and Diffusion
2016Cameron SharpeJeffrey BeyerlCounting Graph Homomorphisms Involving Complete Graphs
2016Andrea WeaverDanny ArrigoFirst Integrals and Linearization of Elliptic Monge-Ampere Equations
2016Christina JunkansR.B. LeninOptimization Techniques with Applications in Medicine
2015-2016Brandon AshleyWeijiu LiuAsymptotic Tracking and Disturbance Rejection of the Blood Glucose Regulation System
Presented at SEARCDE 2015 in Greensboro, NC.
2015James PalmerR.B. LeninHypoTest: An R package for Hypothesis Tests
2015Christopher NewJeffrey BeyerlZeroes of the Ranken-Cohen Bracket operator
2015Erika SparkmanClarence BurgSmoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations under gravitational influence
2015N'Golo OuattaraClarence BurgInvestigation of the use of the Euclidean algorithm to factor polynomials
2015Robert HabimanaClarence BurgAge-Based Human Population Modeling - graduate research topic
2015Olivia WeeksClarence BurgInvestigation of relationships within recruitment and hiring data at a national data analysis firm - undergraduate research topic
2015Garrett FrandsonJeffrey BeyerlPerfect Numbers and Divisibility
2015Jamie MullinsLinda GriffithThirsty Values - Great Modeling Task in 3 Acts for Elementary: Meeting the Model with Mathematics Practice
The created lessons available from the NCSM website.
2014, 2015Kaiyi ChenR.B. LeninThe Time Variation Paths of Factors Effecting Bank Stock Returns
2014, 2015Jaime GarciaR.B. LeninMeasuring the Impact of Research Funds in Collaborative Work Using Social Network Analysis – A Case Study
2014, 2015Camille DollinsR.B. LeninAn Evaluation of Breast Radiological Density Assessment by Quantra Software as Compared to Visual Classification
Joint paper in Proceedings of SpringSIM 2015
2014, 2015Wayne WallaceJeffrey BeyerlImproper Interval Graphs
Presented at UCA and CTGC 45
2014Vinh LuClarence BurgAn Investigation of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Applied Math Thesis
2014Hayford TsikataR.B. LeninApplication of Hilbert Phase Slip in Hilbert-Huang Transform
2014Matthew TubbsClarence BurgAverage Galerkin Approach to Higher Order Partial Differential Equations
Applied Math Thesis
2014David AddisonDanny ArrigoSymmetries and integrating factors of 2nd Order ODEs.
2014Thomas DeatherageDanny ArrigoNonclassical Symmetries of the 2D Navier Stokes equation.
2014Seth BloombergDanny ArrigoA nonclassical classification of a generalized KdV equation.
2014Brandon Ashley
Seth Bloomberg
Thomas Deatherage
Danny ArrigoNonclassical Symmetries of a nonlinear diffusion/wave equation and system equivalents
Joint Paper
2013-2008Data for these years is unavailable
2013, 2014Brandon McVayR.B. LeninModeling and Simulation of Patient Flow in an Outpatient OB/GYN clinic – A Simulation Approach
Joint paper in Proceedings of SpringSIM 2015
2007Ethan Hereth Danny ArrigoSymmetry Analysis of the VariableBernoulli-Euler Beam Equation
2007Olabode Sule
Luis Suazo
Danny ArrigoGeneral Compatibility of the 2 + 1 Dimensional Diffusion Equation
2007Christopher PickensWeijiu LiuCompetitive Feedback Inhibition Rates in Branched Metabolic Pathways
2007Jason Torrence
Katie Reynolds
Danny ArrigoRefining the Rathole Boundary-Value Problem
2007Taylor Erwin
Jonathan Johnson
Clarence BurgUsing Richardson Extrapolation to Increase the Spatial Accuracy of Existing Computational Solvers
2007Taylor ErwinClarence BurgImproving the Predictive Ability of NASA Langley's Computational Simulation Package FUN3D
2007Matt BrozakClarence BurgSpace-Time Finite Volume Methods for Numerical Solutions of Moving Mesh Problems
2007Shane McNewClarence Burg
Weijiu Liu
Modeling Glucose Rates within Cells using PDEs
2007Oumarou TahirouWeijiu LiuFeedback control of inverted pendulum systems
2007Joel TerwilligerWeijiu LiuModeling the biological mechanisms of insulin and glucose oscillations through dynamic feedback control
2007Eric Sellers
Christopher Willette
Weijiu LiuReactive mixing enhancement by optimal tuning of flows.
2007Michael SchellkophDavid PetersonMusic Acoustics
2007Steven R Nelson
Gregory A Warner
TomerPropositional Calculus and English Sentences: A C++ Programming Approach
2006Akhil Mehata
Chase Ransom
David PetersonHydrology modeling of Buffalo River
2006Michael SchelkophfDavid PetersonModeling of marimba bars
2006Racheal Courtney
Stephanie Lanier
Danny ArrigoKnot Theory
2006Luis Suazo
Bode Sule
Danny ArrigoSymmetry analysis of the linear diffusion equation with a source term
2006Ethan HerethDanny ArrigoFirst order compatibility for 2+1 diffusion equations
2006Jason Torrence
Katie Reynolds
Danny ArrigoRat holes in highly frictional granular materials
2006Amber FasonGeorge BrattonRat holes in highly frictional granular materials
2006Taylor Erwin
Jonathan Johnson
Clarence BurgUsing Richarson extrapolation to increase the spatial accuracy of existing computational solvers
2006Joel TerwilligerWeijiu LiuSimulating the oscillations of glucose and insulin
2006Oumarou TahirouWeijiu LiuControllability and observability of inverted pendulum systems
2006Luis Jimenez
Christopher Pickens
Weijiu LiuMathematical Determination of Competitive Feedback Inhibition Rates in Branched Metabolic Patheways.