2017 Summer Mathematics and Science Program @ UCA

The tenth annual 2017 Summer Mathematics and Science Program  @ UCA was held from June 12 to June 30 on the UCA campus. Twenty middle and high school students from Conway participated in this three-week program. This year, the program had five activities: Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology, Physics and Robotics and Computer Coding. The Algebra I activity was presented Ms. Cara Cates, Math Specialist at the UCA STEM Institute, whereas Algebra II session was taught by Ms. Katie Burden, a graduate student in the Math MA Program. Biology faculty member Dr. Krista Peppers and physics faculty members Dr. Debra Burris conducted activities in biology and physics respectively. Biology activity include a field trip to the Jewel Moore Natural Reserve on UCA campus for plant identification.   Another physics faculty member, Ms. Nancy Getson, conducted robotics activity. Dr. Mark Doderer of the Computer Science Department taught computer coding. Contents of all activities were designed to stimulate and enhance students’ interests in math and sciences with several hands on experiments. Dr. Ramesh Garimella, Chair of Mathematics Department and Dr. Umadevi Garimella, Director of the UCA STEM INSTITUTE organized the summer program. For information about future Math and Science Summer programs, please Contact Ramesh Garimella at 501-450-3147 or rameshg@uca.edu.