Educational Leadership Program

General Program Information

The Educational Specialist degree in the Educational Leadership Program (EDLP) reflects the College of Education’s historic mission and commitment to preparing leaders for P-12 schools. The Department of Leadership Studies offers a 30 credit-hour degree program for district-level administrators. The program is performance-based and utilizes a variety of 21st century technologies, authentic assessments, and personalized internships.  

The Educational Leadership Program has been approved for fully online delivery. Candidates experience direct and individualized contact with their professors in small class settings. 

EDLP is an NCATE accredited program. Graduates must pass the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) prior to receiving their license. UCA’s Educational Leadership program has a 100% pass rate on the SSA.

The Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership (EDLP) includes two general areas of concentration: (1) a PK-12 emphasis in district and school level positions (e.g., superintendent and other central office positions; building administration; curriculum administration; program administration in curriculum, special education, or gifted and talented education). A 21 hour Post-Master’s Certificate in District-Level Administration licensure is also available.

While we welcome any out of state candidates, completion of any program, other than an initial licensure program, may not lead to licensure or endorsement in Arkansas or in the state in which you reside. It is your responsibility to check with your state’s department of education to determine if the license or endorsement requirements are met through the program of study. If you are a potential out of state candidate, please contact the program coordinator directly. Contact your state’s department of education for specific licensing requirements for your state.


EDLP Courses for EdS Degree

For candidates seeking the Ed.S. degree to add an administration endorsement to a current teaching license:


Building Level Endorsement – Add to EdS Plan of Study

An Ed.S. student who would like to add the building-level administrator endorsement

Post Master’s Certificate – District Level Administrator Endorsement (No EdS Degree)

For candidates who have completed a Masters degree in Building Level Administration and are seeking licensure-only as a district-level administrator, click here to view the Post Master’s Certificate courses for district-level administration.

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Information for Current Students

Advising – SMLA students should be advised every semester prior to registration. As a general rule, it is a goodidea for students to contact their advisor 2-3 weeks prior to registration. For registration information, monitor the Office of the Registrar for the Advanced Registration Schedule. The Schedule of Classes is usually updated 2-3 weeks prior to advanced registration.

DegreeWorks – Review DegreeWorks quarterly. This ensures the student stays on track to graduate.

Program of Study – This form may be used to assist the candidate in planning their course of study. (Graduate Bulletin)

Student Resources – The Leadership Studies website provides various student resources such as information on the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Graduate School, Torreyson Library, Technology Requirements for Distance.


Other Useful Information

The Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE) offers loan repayment and tuition reimbursement grants to Arkansas educators and administrators. Visit the ADHE Scholarship Application Management System for program rules and regulations.