Semester Exchange or Direct Enroll Scholarships

 Study Abroad Scholarships

Eligible participants of UCA sponsored education abroad programs may apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship. Pending full enrollment of a UCA sponsored education abroad program, funding will be released to approved applicants in fall, spring or summer academic terms.

  • Participants of Semester Exchange and Direct Enroll programs are eligible for up for $750 to $2,000

Semester Exchange or Direct Enroll Scholarships

Timeline: Applications open early to mid fall for spring exchange and early to mid spring for fall exchange.


  • The application opens on September 1
  • The deadline to apply is October 10




Please note: Applicants will be asked to upload answers to short response questions. The questions are shared below so applicants may prepare this document before starting the online application.

Please upload an document with your full name (no more than one page Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced), addressing the following:

1.) Describe a time when you took initiative to get more out of an experience than people normally might and explain how this experience prepares you to be an active participant in a UCA education abroad program?

2.) Give at least one example of when you put in a lot of effort to accomplish a goal when other people were giving up on trying to achieve these same goals.

3.) Describe any experiences outside your comfort zone that have prepared you for this experience abroad.

4.) Explain why receiving this scholarship will enable you to participate in a education abroad trip and how you could not participate without receiving the scholarship. Also, explain your financial plan to be able to afford to pay for the trip if you receive a scholarship. Please note: Your essay will be reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff. You will be evaluated on your coverage of the topic questions and clarity of ideas.

  •  Eligible programs include: UCA Semester Exchange Partners and UCA Direct Enroll Partners.
  • Students must be UCA degree-seeking undergraduate or post-bacc students.
  • Institutional GPA and total hours earned at the time of application will be considered to determine eligibility. If you are a first semester transfer student, we will use your transfer GPA.
  • Semester exchange and direct enroll participants must have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours before going abroad.
  • Undocumented students including DACA students and DREAMERS are not eligible to apply due to university policy.
  • Students will be scored on factors including but not limited to (1) credit hours completed; (2) GPA; (3) Pell Grant eligibility; (4) institutional hours; (5) previous funding for study abroad.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the university, both academically and financially, at the time of application and through the time of departure.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to “give back” after studying abroad by volunteering time and expertise to the Office of Study Abroad. More information on how to “give back” will be made available for recipients of the OSA scholarship.
  • Non-credit program participants are not eligible.
  • Independent/External programs not sponsored by UCA are not eligible.
  • Programs arranged by third party providers or designed by students are not eligible.

The UCA Office of Education Abroad does not determine student federal aid or scholarship disbursements. All students anticipating scholarships or federal student aid should meet with a Financial Aid counselor to discuss eligibility financial aid guidelines. Payment deadlines for UCA programs are independent of any funding release dates. Participants are responsible for making payments by the publicized deadlines regardless of anticipated funding.

Students must adhere to the UCA Travel Policy: UCA students may not use UCA Education Abroad scholarships or other university financial aid to travel or study in locations rated at “LEVEL 4 DO NOT TRAVEL” on the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisory website.  Students traveling in areas or countries with Level 1 and Level 2 ratings should consult the Travel Advisory website and heed all warnings while avoiding all Level 4 areas or locations that may exist in some countries.  All travel to locations or countries with a “LEVEL 3 RECONSIDER TRAVEL” advisory must be pre-approved by the Office of International Engagement Associate Vice-President, Legal Counsel, the Provost and Executive Vice President and the President of the University of Central Arkansas.