France Language Immersion

Program Description

Students may study French in the summer in the beautiful city of Angers located in France. Please see the program information overview to learn more: CIDEF in Angers, France

Students are required to register with the Education Abroad Office as an independent education abroad participant. Students will direct enroll in this program and pay the partner university, UCO. UCA Education Abroad will assist in education abroad credit transfer and other details so students are required to register with Education Abroad for this program.

Please make an appointment with the Education Abroad Office to go over the independent application procedure.


Course Offerings

Talk with your faculty member to discuss which credits will be offered in the summer program. Usually 3 to 6  credits is possible to transfer aback to UCA upon successful completion of the program.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Meeting: Students are required to attend one mandatory meeting on health and safety before departure.

Participants are required to enroll in comprehensive international insurance for the duration of programming.

Students should enroll in the STEP program.

Assisting Professor

Contact Dr. Katelyn Knox for more information on courses and credits.

Program Cost

For an estimated budget, email:

For information about international insurance coverage: