Finding the right information to keep on track throughout a student’s studies can sometimes be difficult. Below are some important resources that can help keep your students on track and informed.

Office of Student Success

Many services needed to ensure student success can be found through the student success portal.


Important Dates

There are key dates each semester that every student should be aware of in order to be prepared for any situation. Read more in this section to learn what they are and why they are important.

Deadline to Drop/Add Classes

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right combination of classes to ensure a successful learning experience. Every student must know what those classes are before the deadline to drop and add classes (listed on the Academic Calendar below). The Registrar page has the required documents for this process.


Refund Deadline

Refunds on campus tuition, fees, and housing can be obtained for those withdrawing from the University. Student accounts provides detailed information about the withdrawal process and the refunds available.


Advance Registration

To ensure placement in needed courses, advance registration can be utilized to help students secure the courses needed to stay on track.The Registrar page keeps an up-to-date listing posted for each semester.


Finals Schedule

Final tests are administered on a predetermined schedule. Visit the Registrar’s final exam posting to find updated test times each semester.


Full Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar includes many of the important dates mentioned above with supplemental information such as grade postings and holidays.


Tutoring Services

An easy reference is provided below for finding the help needed to stay afloat in courses that seem harder than expected.



There are a number of workshops aimed at helping students improve their abilities that can help achieve success. Find out how what programs are offered below.