Getting Started

Getting a proper start is vital to completing any task in life. Everything needed to get students started on campus can be found in this section.


The first step to a student’s college career is getting admitted!


Student Accounts

Provides information, assistance, and education to students and parents so that they can fully understand the cost of attending the University.


Tuition and Fees Calculator

Knowing the cost of higher education is vital in planning. Use this tool to find an estimate.


Financial Aid

Find the funding to meet the needs of student expenses.



Securing the right place to live can make a huge impact on student success.

Residential Colleges
Students can choose an environment to live and learn with others in their field.

Honors College
Greater learning opportunities await gifted students looking to expand their studies.

Housing Exemption

Living on campus has many benefits, but some students may meet the requirements to live off campus.

Official Policy Request Form

Orientation and Registration

Please visit our ORIENTATION website for information on SOAR and Welcome Week.

Program Completion Plans

Find out what it takes to finish a program on time!


UCA Core Requirements

Learn the what and why of required courses at UCA.


Summer Orientation and Academic Registration

Get the classes you want by registering early and learn from UCA students and staff!


Academic Advising Center

Plan the courses you need with help from trained staff.


Move-In Day and Welcome Week

Get help moving students into housing and participate in campus-wide social activities!


Parking Permits and Regulations

Student who drive will need a permit, visit the University Police to learn more.


University Bookstore

Students can find anything from class required books to Bear themed apparel right on campus.