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Disability Grievance Procedure

The Disability Resource Center upholds the rights of students to secure academic accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Furthermore, the Disability Resource Center maintains a philosophy of student self-advocacy and the right to pursue a grievance or appeal.


Student Grievance Procedure

If a student is approved through the Disability Resource Center to receive accommodations and has a complaint alleging violation(s) of the Americans with Disabilities Act (or other applicable law), including failure to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations or discrimination on the basis of disability, a complaint may be filed with the Disability Resource Center.

The student wishing to file a complaint is encouraged to have a discussion with the individual who is allegedly not complying with the accommodations afforded under the Americans with Disabilities Act (or other applicable law) and/or committing discrimination on the basis of the student’s disability.

If no resolution is reached, the student will need to complete the Disability Grievance Form (attached below), print out a copy, and bring it to the Disability Resource Center, located in the Student Health Building- Room 212. The student must submit the grievance form within 30 calendar days of the incident.

Once the form is received, the Director of the Disability Resource Center will contact the student to set up a meeting to discuss the procedure and review the situation. After the meeting with the student, the Director will conduct an investigation into the grievance that the student has submitted and make a determination in support or opposition to the grievance. The student will be notified via writing of the decision.

 Grievance Form for Students

 Filing an Appeal

If, after a decision by the Director of the Disability Resource Center is returned, the student does not feel the matter is resolved, the student may file an appeal. The exact board policy and procedure of the process for an appeal is in the University of Central Arkansas Board of Trustees, Policy 522-Disabilities Grievance. Students wishing to file an appeal should refer to the document below to guide them through the appeals process.

 UCA Board Policy 522- Disability Grievance