Sophomore Year

Year two is about building on the discoveries you made in year one.  Gather information about career fields and start building your resume with skills from work and student organization experiences. The best resources are faculty members and people who work in the career fields that interest you. Cooperative education, internships, summer jobs, and volunteer activities can also provide first-hand insights.  This is your year to prepare for internships!
  • Continue to meet with your Career Coach for guidance and resume review.
  • Expand your knowledge of career options. Make a list of the ones which sound interesting.
  • Attend career fairs and other Career Services events to increase your knowledge of the full range of jobs that people perform.
  • Develop your interviewing skills through practice with Big Interview.
  • Conduct informational interviews with people who work in career fields of interest to you. Spend a day on the job with a professional (job shadowing).
  • Pursue internships, part-time and summer jobs and volunteer activities to gain work experience and to learn more about your work preferences.
  • Assume a responsible role in activities on campus to acquire leadership skills.
  • Attend the Annual Internship Banquet to network with company representatives offering summer internship opportunities.