Faculty Career Champion

A CAREER CHAMPION is a UCA faculty member who has empowered students to find their purpose, identify and reach their career goals, solidify future plans, or gain employment/prepare for professional life. Students submit a nomination for an individual who has contributed towards their career success in February of each academic year.  Congratulations to our past winners!

Faculty Career Champions


Dr. Kim Hoffman
Department of Political Science

“Dr. Hoffman is the director of internships in the political science department and does a fantastic job! She will sit with all of her students individually to find ways to get them the proper internship or job placements. One of the ways she does that is by providing resources (like recommending the UCA Career Services) to her students. Every semester she updates her “wall of interns” to promote student success and help students find opportunities through past experiences and teaches us how to build a proper peer network.
Dr. Hoffman brings in speakers and those hosting internship opportunities to speak to classes/clubs and promotes alumni/student-mentor relationships. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns she will do everything she can to help you. Throughout the semester she connects students to internship opportunities via email or posters in classrooms, and if she finds an internship that would be perfect for a group of students she will encourage them to apply!”





Mrs. Rebecca Gray
School of Nursing

“Mrs. Gray helped me connect to UCA Career Services to find a full-time job, as she built her course around professional development. She encouraged us to go to resume reviews, mock interviews and cover letter writing workshops. She also told us about the WOW Closet and other services they offer.  She invited several staff members from career services to speak with our cohort in order to prepare us for future interviews and job searches.  I can personally say her advising me to connect career services for my resume helped me land a job.”





Mr. Steve Ward
Teaching and Learning

“Mr. Ward was the reason, after dropping out of school, that I began again, took the necessary coursework and program that he described for me. He is determined and optimistic and it wouldn’t be possible to be starting a career as a teacher without his advice and encouragement.”






 Mrs. Monica Lieblong
Family & Consumer Science
“[Monica] opened my eyes to possible career opportunities within the community and the difference that a career in Family and Consumer Science can make on an individual level. Because of her, I am now volunteering in the community and making a difference! She taught me how to dress for an interview and how to construct a professional email. She gave me information that I can only use now but in the future….”