Career Champion

A CAREER CHAMPION is someone who has empowered students to find their purpose, identify and reach their career goals, solidify future plans, or gain employment/prepare for professional life.

Students submit a nomination for an individual who has contributed towards their career success beginning in February of each year.

Career Champions


 Mrs. Monica Lieblong
Family & Consumer Science
“[Monica] opened my eyes to possible career opportunities within the community and the difference that a career in Family and Consumer Science can make on an individual level. Because of her, I am now volunteering in the community and making a difference! She taught me how to dress for an interview and how to construct a professional email. She gave me information that I can only use now but in the future….”





Dr. Kimberly Little
“[Dr. Little] helped me pinpoint what kind of work I want to do in a museum by quizzing me on my school experience and personal preferences. She worked extremely hard editing my resume to make sure I got an internship doing exactly what I want to do in the future; that internship confirmed that I have chosen the right career and gave me my only professional experience. She brought the hiring official of Arkansas State Parks to campus to discuss internships and how it can lead to career opportunities….”