Interns of the Year

Our INTERN OF THE YEAR award recognizes students who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them throughout their internships.

Faculty and Internships Supervisors are asked to submit a nomination for a current UCA student who has excelled in or made a significant impact in work-integrated learning. Click here to submit a nomination for Intern of the Year!

Interns of the Year


Daisy Martinez Carranza
Marketing and Studio Art

Daisy is a May 2022 senior and has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her four years at UCA and serves on many UCA student organizations. In Summer 2021, Daisy completed an internship at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield where she was charged with the task of creating and executing a marketing plan for a national health program with low enrollment in Arkansas.  Daisy’s “Healthy Blue Summer” campaign was a huge success, resulting in over 3,600 registrations (an 8.85% increase in program participation).  As a result of her hard work and collaboration on this project, Daisy was also awarded the 2021 Arkansas Blue Cross Academic Scholarship.  Daisy plans to pursue a master’s degree in Data Analytics in the near future. Daisy has also been selected as the honorable mention for the National Intern of the Year distinction.  She will receive a certificate and formal recognition on the CEIA website and in the program at the CEIA national conference in April 2022.


Grace Zimmerman
Mathematics & Music Performance
Grace is a May 2021 senior and completed her internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where she worked on the project “Net Flux Radiometer for the Ice Giants.” She was ultimately named a John Mather Nobel Scholar, an award given due to her internship work at Goddard Space Flight Center as well as her outreach involvement and academic achievement. She continues to work as an intern at the NASA Langley Research Center where she is working to create a generic robotic control system. Grace will compete nationally for Intern of the Year through CEIA. Upon graduation she plans to go to graduate school to obtain her masters degree in Aerospace Engineering and then work again for NASA as a full-time civil servant. Grace is also the recipient of the 2021 National Internship Student Achievement Award presented by the Cooperative Education and Internship Association.


Greta Hacker
Public Administration
Greta is a UCA junior majoring in Public Administration who aspires to one day work in state or local government. Her internship is through University of Central Arkansas’s Center for Community and Economic Development department. The organization does community-oriented projects around the state and provides training and technical assistance to local government leaders, chamber of commerce officials, non profit officials, and citizens. She helps them run their programs through clerical work, marketing and promotional work, as well as any other tasks. Over the summer, Greta helped them run Community Development Institute (CDI Central) and wrote articles for their column in Arkansas Municipal League magazine– she would always go above and beyond! Through her internship, she was able to hone in on her communication skills, professionalism, leadership, organization, and gain a deeper understanding of public service work in Arkansas.



Hannah Standley


Samantha LeMarr


Eryka Williams
Public Administration
Eryka served as an intern for Hewlett- Packard in Spring of 2016. Eryka was responsible for projects in which she was responsible for managing and successfully finishing. Through the duration of her internship, she worked on 18 different projects! Some of the biggest projects she worked on included Code Wars, Canadian Audit Tool, Clone Wars, and eTime analytics. Eryka served as the project manager for Code Wars which was the first coding competition ever in Arkansas. Eryka was described as a fantastic team member who has the skills to successfully lead a team while simultaneously motivating each member to contribute in a way that highlights theirl skills. This opportunity allowed her to grow her self-marketing, communication, development, project management, creativity, and time management skills. Eryka claims that this internship was the most rewarding experience of her entire career because she was able to learn from her accomplishments and challenges she faced. Eryka is also the recipient of the 2017 National Internship Student Achievement Award presented by the Cooperative Education and Internship Association.



Lindsey Bray 
Public Administration
Lindsey served as a logistics intern for Walmart eCommerce. While interning at the “start-up” eCommerce fulfillment center in Bethlehem, PA, she developed training documents and researched best shelf configurations for varying products. She was proactive in her role as she stayed on top of her tasks, communicated strongly, and asked questions when she needed additional support. Her contributions will be applied to all future Walmart eCommerce fulfillment centers and will help maximize performance. Additionally, Lindsey was given the opportunity to run a department for a month which included supervising associates in varying capacities. Lindsey did such a great job that she earned a full time position offer after graduation with Walmart eCommerce. 


Margaret McNeary 


Benjamin Lykins 


Courtney Dunn 


Tisha Nooner 


Brandon Mathis 


Rachael Small 


Joseph Cazzell 
Insurance & Risk Management


Meaghan Dellar 
Computer Science


Bradley Klingsporn 
Bradley is also the recipient of the 2007 National Internship Student Achievement Award presented by the Cooperative Education and Internship Association.