ChatGPT for Career Development

Generative AI can be a useful tool in the career development process, assisting you with:

  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Brainstorming revisions to bullet points
  • Incorporating relevant keywords for specific jobs
  • Researching companies, opportunities, and best practices

Limitations and Risks

Generative AI should NOT be the primary author, but only a starting point for ideas. Do NOT copy and paste AI-generated material into a document and send to employers. You must modify and enhance the content so that it accurately reflects your authentic self. Please be aware of the following risks associated with using AI as a resource:

  • Some companies are opposed to the use of AI and could use tools to determine if content was generated by AI.
  • AI-generated information is not guaranteed to be accurate or up to date.
  • Some AI content may be restricted or legally protected (copyrighted).
  • If you insert resume data into your prompt, be careful to redact your personal information such as name, phone number, address.
  • Generative AI does not replace the expertise of your career coach. Schedule an appointment with a career coach for personalized support and final review of your career documents.

AI Prompts

“Prompting is the new coding”. Your results will only be as good as the prompts you create and iterate. Effective prompt engineering (precise, detailed) is the key to good output. When writing an AI prompt, consider:

  • Role – state the position you’re pursuing
  • Task – summarize what you’d like AI to do
  • Must Haves – you set the requirements
Prompt Examples (by category):
• What are ten great entry-level positions for a [insert field of study] major?
• Based on my resume data below, what are ten career fields I may want to explore? [insert resume data]
• What are five career paths that blend [insert major] and [insert minor]?

• Give me the top [insert industry or field of study] companies that offer internship opportunities in [insert location].
• What are the core values of [insert company] that I should keep in mind at an interview for role of [insert position title]?
• Here is an example of a job description I’m really interested in. What search terms should I use to find other jobs like this one?
• What are the top 5 skills needed for an entry level job in [insert field of study]?
• Provide a list of professional groups and job boards that specifically help LatinX professionals.

• Based on this job description [insert job description], generate 5 suggestions for improving this bullet point [insert bullet point] to reflect NACE competencies.
• When crafting a resume for the position of [insert job description or role], what are five things a career counselor would suggest I include?
• I am applying for the position of [insert job title] at [insert company name] and want to highlight my skills and experience in [insert field of expertise]. Provide some ideas of ways I could improve my resume.
• Please provide resume bullet points for my job as [insert job title] where I answered phones, greeted guests, assisted guests, posted information on social media, and filed documents. I am a [insert major] major. Please word my bullet points in a way that highlights skills needed for internships in [insert field of interest].

• How do I prepare for a [insert job title] interview at [insert company]?
• Provide 5 questions to ask an employer based on the following job and company information.
• Provide 10 behavioral interview questions based on the following job description.

• I want you to act as a cover letter writer. I have provided the job posting and my resume below. Use this information to create a professional and effective cover letter. Focus the cover letter to be written using the best practices and industry standards. Tailor the cover letter’s content to the specific job and company that I am applying to, highlighting my relevant skills and experience. Also, make sure to explain why I am a strong candidate for the position. Please ensure that the cover letter is clear and concise. The cover letter should have appropriate formatting and layout to make it visually appealing and easy to read. Do make sure that it effectively communicates my qualifications and interest in the job.
• Write a conversational cover letter for a [insert position] role at [insert company] using my resume and job advertisement below as a reference.
• Compose a professional cover letter demonstrating how my abilities align with the requirements for the [insert position] at [insert company]. Use the information below as a guide.
• Provide a thank you email to send after interviewing for the [insert job title] position at [insert company].
• Provide 3 examples of a professional email politely declining a job offer.
• Based on this job description [insert job posting], write a request for a letter of recommendation from my student organization advisor who supervised me in the role of vice-president of [insert name] club at UCA.