Partner with us

We invite employers to partner with UCA through the Career Services Center for part-time, full-time and internship positions and much more! Employers are encouraged to participate in various programs to market their companies and open positions to eligible students. Please check the Calendar of Events and registration materials to participate in our upcoming programs.

Recruit at UCA

Employers can take advantage of several programs at the Career Services Center.  They have the opportunity to recruit at five major Fairs during the school year, which include the STEM Careers Fair (October), Health Career Fair (October), Fall Career Fair (November), Teachers’ Fair (February) and Spring Career Fair (March).

Employers can also participate in on-campus interviews which take place every semester in Bernard Hall.  These are actual interviews where students sign up on-line at www.myinterfase.com for an interview after meeting the requirements of the company.  Please click here to set up your company’s profile, and to list positions on myinterfase.com.

Participate in on campus programs

The IT Career Connection (September 11, 2018) connects highly qualified students (MIS, Computer Science, and Mathematics) with employers.  The program creates a partnership that includes faculty, students, employers and Career Services. Click here to register.


The Career Connection Program  (September 12, 2018) connects highly qualified students with employers.  The program creates a partnership that includes faculty, students, employers and Career Services. Click here to register.


Career Links Luncheon (November 15, 2018) “partners” nonprofit organizations with Career Services and departmental faculty. Partners are given an opportunity at the luncheon to express what qualities a compatible intern would possess as well as his/her job requirements.  Every 3 years, all participating organizations are invited back on campus for the “Big Dance” for internship updates and partnership renewal. The upcoming “Big Dance” is March 28, 2019.

The Career Executive Outlook Program (February 27 & 28, 2019) brings UCA alumni back on campus to discuss with a variety of classrooms their career journey that landed them a job with your company after graduation. Alumni that has graduated within the last 10 years are eligible to participate in the program. Click here for more information.

The Annual Internship Banquet (March 12, 2019) provides an opportunity for the sponsoring companies to expand on what their organization has to offer UCA students.  The banquet also provides a growing number of intern-seeking students with an opportunity to network with sponsors at a reception before  the banquet. 

Exploring Your Career Field Day” (April 10, 2019) offers employers an opportunity to speak to students during classes and advise them what to expect in the actual workplace. The Event takes place the first Friday of April.  There are usually three to four employers in a group who speak to approximately four classes.

Advertise your open positions at UCA

For free posting of part-time jobs or work study positions, please select the appropriate form here to submit online or print the form and fax it to 501-852-2330. NOTE: If you are posting a job that is outside the state of Arkansas, please click here to set up your company’s profile and list your position(s) through myinterfase.com.