COB Jobs

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Current Opportunities to Join Our Faculty:

Lecturer Openings

Lecturer faculty positions typically require a master’s or other graduate degree and professional/managerial experience in the field

Lecturer I and Director of Center for Insurance & Risk Management


Lecturer of Business Law (Fall 2023)


Lecturer of Accounting (Fall 2023)


Lecturer I in Marketing



Tenure-track Openings

Tenure-track faculty positions typically require a Ph.D., J.D., or doctoral degree in a closely related field

Assistant Professor of Management (Management)


Assistant Professor – CISA


Assistant Professor of Management (Business Communications)


Assistant Professor of Accounting



Future Student Opportunities:

Summer Accounting Tutor

  • 20 hours per week for Summer 1 and 2
  • $11/hour
  • Some (not all) hours can be remote
  • Must have passed ACCT 2310, ACCT 2311, and ACCT 3311 with a grade of B or better
  • NOT required to be federal work study

Contact to apply

COB Technology Services Lab Assistant

  • 10 hours per week semester (dependent on student allotment)
  • $11/hour
  • Must have passed CISA 1300 (formerly MIS 2343 or MIS 1300) with a grade of B or better
  • Be comfortable and somewhat skilled in working with technology to help the Director of Technology Services with technical issues as they occur
  • Work as a lab assistant in the open lab and provide help to students as needed (hardware, software, printing, etc)
  • Be willing to work with COB faculty and staff to help with technology issues
  • After some training, be willing to help visitors/faculty with classroom technology
  • After some training, be willing to reimage computers in classrooms or labs as needed
  • Be able to copy and transfer files from an older computer to a new computer
  • Not required to be federal work study at this time

Contact the Director of Tech Services for more information.