Center for Logistics Education, Advancement, & Research

The mission of the Center for Logistics Education, Advancement, and Research (CLEAR Center) is three pronged:

  1. To facilitate economic development by educating qualified logistics professionals.
  2. To advance the discipline of logistics in Central Arkansas by raising awareness and interacting with industry.
  3. To conduct and fund research that will be of mutual benefit to the Arkansas logistics industry, UCA, and other center stakeholders.

Education: As global logistics expenditures grow, so does the need for a well-qualified workforce to manage the intra- and international flows of goods and services. The CLEAR Center facilitates logistics education activities to produce Arkansas’s logistics workforce of tomorrow and allow faculty access to the latest instructional tools and technology.

Advancement: A historical lack of logistics higher education support exists in Central Arkansas. This lack of logistics leadership has left a void in terms of the visibility of logistics as an economic driver both regionally and throughout the state. The CLEAR Center facilitates symbiotic interactions between industry and academia.

Research: There are many issues facing the logistics industry such as driver shortages, securing the supply chain against terrorism, confusion on the part of logistics service providers as to the performance measures most valued by their customers, and methods of reducing cost and increasing service levels, to name a few. The CLEAR Center provides resources to a cross-disciplinary UCA faculty group investigating logistics and supply chain phenomena.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Doug Voss
Scott E. Bennett Arkansas Highway Commission Chair
Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
UCA College of Business
(501) 450-5320