College of Business Alumni Questionnaire

This questionnaire is an opportunity for College of Business (COB) graduates to share about their time at UCA. All experiences, advice, tips, and recommendations shared here may help or inspire UCA’s current, incoming, and potential students. We welcome submissions from any graduate who has pursued a COB major, minor, graduate degree, or certificate since the College was instituted in 1969.

COB alumni can complete this brief questionnaire in as little as five to ten minutes. Questions with an asterisk (*) are required. Any information you give can help students find the right fit for themselves at UCA, whether that is in the College of Business or another high-quality College at UCA. Thank you in advance for your time and contributions.

  • Your phone number will be used to contact you for any needed clarifications.
  • Your email address will be used to contact you for any needed clarifications.
  • Please include major, minor, and/or focus.
  • MM/YYYY for each degree
  • You may choose not to list your employer and instead describe the type of company. You may list any awards you have received (i.e. magna cum laude status, "Outstanding Student" award, certifications or exams you passed like CPA, or career awards like "Employee of the Year"). If you are retired, you may list your experience, awards, and note that you are retired after [number] years in your industry.
  • For example, what life experiences, interests, influences, or personal goals may have led you or motivated you to pursue an education in business? Did you pursue this for or because of someone or something in your life?
  • For example, you may have been a photography or film student, but your business minor gave you practical knowledge of how to fund a documentary project and promote it to give good returns on your long-term investment.
  • For example, the requirements for the certificate may have been more appealing to you than a degree; you may have needed the certificate to supplement another area of study or help you move forward in your current career.
  • Give specific details about at least one of your selections. For example, you can list a favorite professor, event, club, or course and explain its impact. If you chose "other," please give us more information.
  • Please also explain why you believe a student should heed this advice.
  • If you have any other stories to tell, or if you would like us to contact you for any reason, please note that here.