Innovation Challenge Series at UCA: First Challenge Released!

A new and exciting innovation challenge series is launching in the COB Imagine Lab! The first challenge deadline is September 16, 2022: The Suitcase Challenge. Prizes will be awarded for the best ideas.

For this challenge design a suitcase that accommodates clean clothes at the beginning of a trip and dirty clothes during and at the end of a trip. Said differently, design a suitcase for a whole trip, not just the start of a trip. Suitcases are in need of an upgrade. Some of the features like wheels, handles, and expandability are great, but a core challenge remains: mixing clean and dirty clothes at the travel destination.

Using tools found in the Imagine Lab (3rd Floor of UCA’s College of Business) design a suitcase that overcomes this core challenge. Then, make a video of yourself highlighting the features of your upgraded design. Upload that video to YouTube and share a link via this form. Please know that the video can be as long as you want, but only the first two (2) minutes will be viewed for prize consideration. Prizes are $100 for the best-upgraded design, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place.

Stay tuned. The first challenge is for students, but we will be engaging other friends on and off campus this semester. Get ready to compete! Teams are welcome. Email for questions or details.

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