Exchange FAQ

Application deadlines

Fall 2018 Semester Exchange: Apply by March 15th, 2018

Students interested in spending a semester abroad should have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA with 60 credit hours completed by the beginning of the term abroad. If an applicant’s GPA is below the 3.0 requirement, the student will be asked to submit a letter explaining any circumstances faced that may have contributed to the current cumulative GPA. The student will also be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from the department chair of the corresponding major.
Depending on the country, students may have to apply for a study visa. Some students are required to travel to the Consulate’s Office assigned to the state of Arkansas which may require out of state travel. The Office of Study Abroad will assist with this process but this process is solely the student’s responsibility.
Students will receive transfer credits if grades from abroad are passing and if post approval signatures are obtained by the department at UCA.

Students should keep in mind that the international transcript may be requested for graduate applications so every effort should be made to have a successful semester abroad. On return, the department(s) will review the transcript and assign credit as approved.

While abroad, students will need to check UCA email and monitor timelines for payments, registrations, and other activity in preparation for the current or next semester.

UCA’s Office of Study Abroad will work with semester exchanges to ensure communication is ongoing between the student abroad and our office. The Office of Study Abroad staff will do their best to ensure students have assistance to find resources abroad. While it’s the student’s responsibility to handle UCA business and the partner school requirements, the Office of Study Abroad will provide ongoing support as needed.
For example, if a student arrives to the partner university and the class schedule changes, our office will assist in gathering pre-approval signatures from the appropriate department.
Students may request a letter from the Office of Study Abroad stating they are approved to study abroad. Along with housing form, they may turn in the letter and form to UCA Housing for exemption.
Students do not need to plan to work while abroad as that requires a work visa and students obtain a study visa.

Students receiving the Arkansas Challenge Academic Scholarship
Once you see the transfer credits appear on your UCA transcript, you will need to complete the following tasks to ensure your scholarship will continue to be in good standing:
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office for an official transcript to be sent to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education once your credit from abroad appears on the UCA transcript. The Registrar’s Office has an online system, or you may go by their office to receive more assistance. Once transfer credit is send in by the Office of Study Abroad there is a five day business turnaround for transfer credit to appear on the UCA official transcript.
  • After a week or so, make sure that you either have a notification from ADHE that your scholarship is not on probation (due to no credits appearing during your semester abroad as the deadline is before exchanges have credit transferred) or call ADHE at 501-371-1064 to inquire on your status.
ADHE is aware that students study abroad but it is the student’s responsibility to follow up with an updated official transcript.